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Wild Me Leverages Flatfile to Further their Mission in Fighting Wildlife Extinction

The Smithsonian National Museum of National History reports that at least 15,000 species on Earth are threatened with extinction. Scientists are racing to catalogue the biodiversity on Earth, working against the clock as extinctions continue to occur. Wild Me is a non-profit organization that builds open software and leverages artificial ...

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Flatfile Data Importer Helps Goodkind Bring Back Face-to-Face Communication

According to industry research, 97 percent of an organization's outreach is left on the table when relying on traditional, impersonal outreach such as email and phone calls. The team at Goodkind is using personal video to bring back human connection and help businesses take advantage of all those missed opportunities ...

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Cleanetto Leverages the Flexibility of Flatfile to Adapt to Growing File Import Needs

In 2020, the U.S residential cleaning business was nearly $900 million, growing at an expected 2% per year. Despite ongoing growth, the industry remains largely a subscription business, subject to churn. Cleanetto has developed an all-in-one software product that provides cleaning companies with the necessary tools to keep recurring clients ...

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Green Check Verified Uses Flatfile to Drop Customer Data Import Time from Minutes to Seconds

Banking in the cannabis industry can be extremely challenging. Green Check Verified is the only RegTech platform that enables transparent, verifiable, compliant banking for the cannabis industry—to solve issues that both banks and cannabis businesses have been wading through for years. Banks need to verify that every dollar deposited is ...

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Peoplelogic Cuts Customer Onboarding Time by 83 Percent with Flatfile

Burnout is a huge hurdle when it comes to managing a team. According to a Deloitte survey , 70 percent of professionals say their employer isn’t doing enough to prevent burnout, and burnout rates are up due to the stress of working throughout the pandemic. Peoplelogic , the first true ...

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JumpRope Saves Hundreds of Hours in Data Mapping Validation Time with Flatfile's Data Importer

Teachers continue to seek the answer to the central question regarding education: What is the best way to reach students to help them learn? One method gaining acceptance is the system of standards-based grading (SBG). SBG is an educational innovation that focuses on learning and helps increase achievement. It is ...

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Flatfile Helps Benevity Expedite Data Onboarding for Corporate Volunteering Initiatives

Doing well by doing good has been a mantra for many companies that strive not only to run a profitable business, but that also want to drive social impact in the world. Making that happen can be a challenge, but thanks to Canadian-based company Benevity , enabling businesses to engage ...

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