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"I was excited to leapfrog using Flatfile, rather than [having to] start from scratch on our own."

Scott Snider, Lead Engineer

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"Flatfile has been a tremendous asset for us. Now I can work on features customers are asking for."

Osa Gaius, Founder

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"Flatfile is a key component of our platform and greatly improves our customer onboarding process."

James May, President

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Qualifi finds integrating job applicant data a breeze with Flatfile Portal

Qualifi’s customers typically want to upload applicant records already stored in their applicant tracking systems (ATS). But a lot of customers balk at paying extra fees to integrate their ATS with Qualify. That means that many customers resolve to manually enter applicant data into Qualifi — a process that can take more than 30 minutes per 100 applicant records.

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DonorDock accelerates donor engagement using Flatfile Portal

Like many organizations, DonorDock first developed its own software to help its clients onboard their data into their SaaS platform. But they soon found that this solution was finicky, needing to have its data arranged in a very certain way, and wasn’t flexible enough for all users.

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Osmind finds peace of mind in a simple Flatfile Workspaces solution

Osmind uses Flatfile to streamline its transfer process for electronic health records

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Flatfile Importer Eliminates Onboarding Bottleneck, Helps Enable Rapid Growth for Flow

Project management software Flow uses Flatfile to improve the customer data onboarding experience. Learn more in the case study.

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EmployUS Referral System Employs Flatfile for Imports

EmployUS employs the Flatfile’s data importer to integrate with every applicant tracking system.

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Green Check Verified Uses Flatfile to Drop Customer Data Import Time from Minutes to Seconds

Green Check Verified partnered with Flatfile and uses the data importer to reduce time to migrate data from minutes to seconds.

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