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"I was excited to leapfrog using Flatfile, rather than [having to] start from scratch on our own."

Scott Snider, Lead Engineer

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"Flatfile has been a tremendous asset for us. Now I can work on features customers are asking for."

Osa Gaius, Founder

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"Flatfile is a key component of our platform and greatly improves our customer onboarding process."

James May, President

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How Mapistry Leverages Flatfile to Onboard Clients 120x Faster

Thanks to Flatfile, it only takes Mapistry about 20 minutes to onboard a customer. They estimate this is a 120x improvement from before.

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Flatfile Helps Benevity Expedite Data Onboarding for Corporate Volunteering Initiatives

Doing well by doing good has been a mantra for many companies that strive not only to run a profitable business, but that also want to drive

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Green Check Verified Uses Flatfile to Drop Customer Data Import Time from Minutes to Seconds

Green Check Verified partnered with Flatfile and uses the data importer to reduce time to migrate data from minutes to seconds.

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Flatfile Importer Eliminates Onboarding Bottleneck, Helps Enable Rapid Growth for Flow

Project management software Flow uses Flatfile to improve the customer data onboarding experience. Learn more in the case study.

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Flatfile’s Developer-Friendly Data Importer Saves Weeks of Effort

Flatfile saved Halligan weeks of effort by implementing our CSV importer.

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Meenta Accelerates COVID-19 Testing and Reporting with Flatfile Data Importer

Meenta uses Flatfile’s data importer to help rapidly accelerate the COVID-19 testing process. Learn more in the case study.

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