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Spend time building your product. Flatfile will handle the data.

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You don't have dev cycles for this. We do.

Drop a few lines of code into your app and let us handle data import - it's what we do. With Flatfile, you can focus on strategic projects while we handle the complexity of data onboarding.

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Instead of painstakingly writing data schemas, just upload some sample data to Flatfile and get an automatically generated template.

New template created from the submitted CSV file

Save thousands of dollars with six lines of JavaScript.

Use Flatfile's proprietary Data Hooks® to automate mundane workflows like formatting dates, splitting names, and extracting addresses. Your success team will worship you.

Using a Data Hook to split first and last names

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Do more with less.
Introducing Smart Fields.

Predefined fields that understand your customers' data. Just specify a field type and Flatfile automatically transforms and normalizes data without a line of code.

Smart Fields formatting currencies

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