Asymmetric Workflows. Enabled by code.

Eliminate the Excel email shuffle with custom, code-built workflows, tailored to your exact needs. Control the entire process of importing, validating, cleaning, and approving your data in one place using one unified solution.

Architected for orchestration

Event-Driven Architecture

React to any user interaction or data change in real-time. This enables you to create dynamic workflows that provide the right data to the right person at the right time.

Granular Listener Events

From the creation of a new workspace, down to the update of a single cell, listener events can monitor everything - giving you complete control to take action wherever you may need it.

Scheduled and Triggered Actions

Create workflow actions based on timed intervals or in real-time using webhooks, UI activity, custom buttons, polling listeners, built-in subscriptions, data updates, and more.

Collaboration and Permissions

Support complex multi-user & multi-file workflows with secure collaboration spaces and user level access controls. Notify users when they need to take action.


Async Jobs

A powerful convergence of UI based triggers and event-driven workflows empower asynchronous operations, from file extraction to syncing data with external systems. Use custom actions, user inputs, confirmations, outcomes, and progress notifications to build user experiences that can handle any size of data, anywhere.

Built to scale

Grow Seamlessly: One Platform, From Startup to Enterprise

Safe and secure data access

Compliant with industry standards such as SOC 2, HIPPA, GDPR. For enhanced security or compliance - optional SSO, on-premise deployment and audit trails.

No-fuss scalable infrastructure

Built-in parallel processing and load balancing that can handle traffic surges or very large files without a hiccup. Uptime SLA and multi-region available.

Enterprise level support

We’ve got your back with your own success and engineering contacts, premium Slack-based support, implementation services and developer training.

Build any workflow you can imagine

Support any business process or data logic using code

Canned workflows are inherently limited. Flatfile’s pubsub architecture and code-based actions provide the flexibility to create complex workflows that fully integrate with your existing systems.

Composable Workflows

Flatfile’s Plugin architecture provides a modular solution to write functionality once and reuse it in all your workflows.

Connect External Systems

Connect to any API or third-party system in real-time with server side code running in the cloud for you.

Reactive & Proactive

Support both time-based and action-based triggers, letting you adjust the process to meet your needs.


Prebuilt Workflow Modules

Prebuilt open-source plugins to address popular data formats and data manipulation needs. Make them your own, or build from scratch.

Deploy Anywhere with Ease

Flexible deployment options that cover your needs. Go with server side, client side, hybrid, on-premise, or mix-and-match.


Deploy in the cloud for advanced connectivity and improved performance.

  • Enhanced performance for large files

  • Millisecond latency

  • Use any NPM package / connect to any API

  • Back end performance based on your needs

Client side

Deploy client side for local processing, sensitive data, or lightweight data processing.

  • Full access to browser context

  • Utilize browser authentication session

  • Local data processing

  • Direct integration with front-end libraries like react or vue.

Secure. Isolated deployment environments for your workflows.

Configure each space with different events, actions, and jobs dynamically.

  • Regional Data Processing

    Choose between data hosting in US, Canada, EU(Germany) or Australia. Multi-region also available.

  • Development & Staging Environments

    Allow your developers to build without access to the data so it doesn’t bleed into the production environment.

  • Sandboxed process of sensitive files

    Working with multiple clients, or businesses units? Give each of them their own separate environment, keeping data where it belongs.

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