Data onboarding platform

Bring your product, we'll bring the data.

The Flatfile platform provides a comprehensive, secure solution to customer data onboarding.

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Diagram showing the various components of the Flatfile Platform
Import any shape or size of data

Flatfile ingests data through a range of formats including CSV, Excel, TXT, XML, JSON, and other customer applications. Import data from an API or SFTP server or even manually and Flatfile will ensure your data is always readily available.

Embed into your app

Deploy Flatfile however and wherever it makes sense for your organization. Embed an import button directly into your application so that your users can easily upload, review and submit data.

Set up a hosted workspace

Invite customers or internal collaborators to a shared workspace. Customers have full transparency as workspaces offer a shared view of data imports with key details like versions, statuses, owners, and errors.

Deploy on bare metal

Flatfile works with companies of all shapes and sizes. For organizations that can't have data in a hosted environment, the Flatfile data onboarding platform can be deployed on-premise.

Trust every connection

Secure by design, Flatfile prioritizes global security and compliance standards for our customers' (and their customers') data. A security-first approach means that we’re SOC 2 Type I, HIPAA, and GDPR compliant and can comfortably, confidently work with enterprise data.