Embed a data importer in your app

The elegant data importer that implements in hours, not weeks. Give your users the import experience you always dreamed of but never had time to build.


Logos of Flatfile customers: ADP, ServiceTitan, Square, ClickUp, AstraZeneca, SageLogos of Flatfile customers: Square, ClickUp, AstraZeneca, Sage

The new standard for data import

Provide a simple and efficient data import option for users.

  • Ingest

    Flatfile’s JavaScript configurator allows you to set a target model for data validation, allowing users to match incoming file data.

  • Structure

    Flatfile learns over time how data should be organized, saving time and making the process more efficient for your customers.

  • Validate

    Flatfile's validation features give you control over how data is formatted. Ensure imported data is clean and ready to use.

"I was excited to leapfrog using Flatfile, rather than [having to] start from scratch on our own."

Scott Snider, Lead Engineer

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Data that works for you

Ensure imported data is clean and ready to use.


The Flatfile importer automatically translates to your customer's chosen system language.

Data hooks

Advanced functions for inline data validation and transformation.

Upload CSV, XLS, or paste data

Allow data to be uploaded using a CSV, XLS, or even manual pasting from the user's clipboard.

AI-assisted imports

Automatically match 95% of imported columns using machine learning and fuzzy matching.


Pull data from Flatfile directly into your application database by setting up a webhook listener.

Customize styles

Personalize the Flatfile importer to match the look and feel of your app.

Built with developers in mind

Flatfile’s API-first, event-driven architecture provides full control and flexibility for any business or data requirements without having to deal with the headaches of building it yourself.

Getting started is easy

Explore the Flatfile Data Exchange Platform and build the ideal data file import experience for your users - faster, easier and safer.

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Collaborate on data onboarding projects

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