How Mapistry leverages Flatfile to onboard clients 120x faster

Results with Flatfile:

minutes to onboard a customer
faster onboarding
deal sizes they can now close
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Before Flatfile, Mapistry employees had resorted to manually typing in data for every new customer. They had a legacy tool for data imports but the people who had developed it were no longer with the company resulting in its usage being more of a risk than an asset.

The impetus for change

It was taking way too long to acquire a new customer - and far too many resources. As Mapistry grew and went up in the market, clients had more data, more users, and more sites they were bringing with them. The catalyst was a new client they acquired with 200 sites and hundreds of people. They knew there was no way they could continue with the team they had. Furthermore, at that scale data accuracy became a very real concern. If inaccurate data makes its way into the product, metrics would be incorrectly reported to the government resulting in fines.


Mapistry came to Flatfile with a dilemma; continue to input data manually or invest a significant amount of time and resources into fixing / maintain- ing their legacy tool. When evaluating Flatfile, their biggest consideration was how long it would take their developers to create a system in-house vs deploying a ready-made solution. They were also super aware of the benefits to having a system that would require no maintenance.

It turned out that Flatfile saved them development time and they could spend more time on implementing core features, allowing for more compliance benefits for their clients.

"I slacked everybody after I had done the first onboarding like, “This is amazing!” I even recorded a video and it was a huge celebration because we’d gone through so many spreadsheets and Flatfile was just so simple."

Selene Jones, Enterprise Customer Success Manager


It now only takes Mapistry about 20 minutes to onboard a customer. They estimate this is a 120x improvement from before and have turned this promise of a delightful customer experience into a huge selling point.

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