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Starter includes
  • Full developer features
  • Free usage includes
    • 50 files per month
    • 10 Million PDV per month
    • 2 admins
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Yes, when we say free, we mean $0.
No commitment, no monthly fees, no strings attached.

Pay-as-you-go usage rates for anything above your free allowance

Above monthly free allowance

  • $2 per file
  • $2.50 per Million PDV

Starts at$799/month


Everything in Starter, plus
  • White labeling
  • Unlimited admins
  • Data Processing Agreement (DPA)
  • Premium support
  • Customer success team
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Pay-as-you-go usage rates OR save with volume discounts


  • Increase collaborative project size
  • Monthly or annual billing



Everything in Professional, plus

Get a custom agreement, enterprise support, SLA and customer success management that supports the needs of large, global organizations

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  • Self-managed deployments
  • Multi-region deployments

No commitment pay-as-you-go usage rates

You start with a generous free allowance per month and after that pay for usage with fixed rate pay-as-you-go pricing, or take advantage of volume discounts (see below)


  • 50 files per month
  • Additional file


  • 10 Million PDV per month
  • Additional 1M PDV
    $2.50/M PDV

Usage is calculated as a combination of files and PDV per month. Most customers only exceed the files/month limit. PDV (Processed Data Values) = the number of imported cells. 10 million free monthly PDV is usually enough for most customers, excluding very large file or high volume use cases. Collaborative Projects are optional and only needed if you require a secure and private collaboration space.

Volume discounts for Professional and Enterprise plans

Save with monthly commitments and lock in your discounted rate for above commitment usage


  • 200 files
  • 500 files
  • 1,000 files
  • 2,000 files
  • 5,000 files
  • 10,000 files


  • 1B PDV
    $1.50/M PDV
  • 10B PDV
    $0.75/M PDV
  • 50B PDV
    $0.50/M PDV
  • 100B PDV
    $0.40/M PDV
  • 1T PDV and more

Add-on: Collaborative Projects

Add Flatfile's collaborative project functionality to manage data onboarding projects that require a secure and private collaboration space for a team to work through complex data issues

Collaborative Projects/month

  • 1 Collaborative Project per month
  • Additional Collaborative Project
    Starts at $250

Contact sales to get collaborative projects and learn about volume discounts