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One platform for all your data import and exchange needs.

From single user CSV imports to enterprise scale data collaboration projects, Flatfile has you covered.

Easily add a powerful CSV importer to your app

Flatfile provides an all-in-one data import solution that’s easy to integrate and can solve complex needs. Tackle diverse file formats and data schemas with AI mapping, code-based validations and transformations, relational data, and more. In-line editing is a breeze with powerful Workbooks. Built-in SDKs for React, Vue, Vanilla JS, Python, with more coming soon.

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Streamline onboarding for customers and their data

Let customers and internal teams easily work together on shared data files - no more sending Excel files back-and-forth via email. AI powered source to target mapping magically converts existing data into your desired format. Code-based validations, transformations, and workflows ensure data is squeaky clean, approved, and production ready.

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Logos of Flatfile customers: ADP, ServiceTitan, Square, ClickUp, AstraZeneca, SageLogos of Flatfile customers: Square, ClickUp, AstraZeneca, Sage

Orchestrate complex data workflows across diverse stakeholders

Need to coordinate 122 exhibitors, 17 external vendors, and 11 different teams working on 37 Excel files? With Flatfile you can easily solve your unique workflow needs for importing, validating, editing and approving data. Ensure the right people manage the right data at the right time with granular access control and powerful data transformations to easily split, combine or merge data.

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Manage data with the ease of a spreadsheet and power of a database

Want to provide your end-users with an experience that’s familiar and intuitive? Check! Need the full capabilities of a database, with data integrity, relational data, scalability, roll-backs, filters and search - all at lightning fast speeds? We got you covered! Flatfile is the only solution that gives you the best of both worlds.

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"It was really easy once we got it up and running and a huge time saver across the board. We stopped spending time on data import issues, and now see a 100 percent data import success rate. Flatfile exceeded our expectations."

Michael McCarthy, CEO

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Headless data file feeds without the headaches

Integrate file feeds directly into your app or workflows with API-based data connections that can adapt instead of breaking. Use AI- and code-based rules to validate, clean and transform data. If the data needs some additional oversight, you can easily add a human-in-the-loop review and correction to your workflow.

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AI-powered data mapping

Map data from any source to any target structure with an AI-powered solution that goes way beyond mere column matching. Handle flattened or nested data as well as arrays and relational data. Code-based and conditional mapping rules provide granular control without complicated workflows.

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