Database power, spreadsheet flexibility

Use Flatfile Workbooks anywhere you need to edit, validate, transform, or integrate data into your workflow. Integrate into any application, internal tool, or business flow with just a few lines of code.


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Just like a spreadsheet, you can edit any cell, row, or column with just a keystroke.

Infinite Scroll

With no pagination clicks you can quickly jump to any record in your dataset.

Highlighted Issues

Immediately see any formatting or validation issues with data in the table.

Extensible in Code

Connect to your business logic and extend behavior using Javascript.


Saved views



6 cell types

Customizable theme

Linked values

Event stream

Resizable columns

Available in 173 languages

Use Cases

Efficient Bulk Data Editing

Flatfile’s workbooks make bulk editing quick and convenient. Start simple with features like search & replace, or take it to the next level with AI transformations; simply describe how you want to modify your data. No worries if you messed up - just revert your latest changes with our automated snapshots.

Search like you mean it

The most powerful search in the history of data. Bringing together AI, natural language, SQL, and full text search, Flatfile Search allows you to instantly get to the data you want with absolutely no technical skills.

  • Natural language search

    Just use plain English to describe what you're looking for - no SQL needed. Our AI engine fully understands your data and its structure, so you can filter your data with ease.

  • Search across tables

    Searching designed for people who don't know what a JOIN query is. Flatfile can search across any field in your dataset including fields mirrored from other tables.

  • Deep type comprehension

    Combined with Flatfile's proprietary Flex Type ability, you can search naturally and get results that make sense, even if the data isn't valid or the correct type.

Advanced query based data filtering

Perform actions on search results

Wildcard search support

Collaboration, perfected

Leverage our high-level aggregate summary to see how your dataset changed or dive into the cell-level changes to help you understand what updates were made to your data.

Visual diff

Say goodbye to tedious manual comparisons and hello to effortless insights. No more fear of accidental alterations, you’re in command.

  • High-level change summaries

  • Cell level changes visualized

  • Approve or reject updates to ensure data integrity

Version history

Step back in time and explore your data’s journey. Uncover the sequence of changes, and seamlessly switch between the various versions.

  • Keep track of changes to your data

  • Easily revert to or view previous versions

  • Collaborate with confidence

No trust, no problem

Control who can edit data, and when. Review changes before you accept them into your workbook.

Real-time insights

Get alerted when one of your guests makes changes to a sheet, with high-level summaries that tell you what changed.

Effortless revisions

Generate a visual diff to see a detailed view of how reverting to an older version would change your data, before you revert.

Data integrity

Unlike other spreadsheet editors that allow multiple users to simultaneously edit, and sometimes destroy data, control who can edit data and when.

Granular comparisons

Review changes made to your data on a cell by cell basis; our UI makes it easy to see what data was added and removed.

All relationships, no drama

Automatically maintain accurate connections between data sets. By intuitively linking records, combine traditional database strength with user simplicity, ensuring your data’s coherence and consistency at every turn.

Auto-link Records

Intelligently associate records between sheets.

Cross-sheet Validation

Combine robust database mechanisms with the ease of tools like vlookup.

Mirror Values

Auto-analyze and display results based on relationships.


Inherit validation from related records for unified data consistency.

Nested recordsComing Soon

With nested records, you can easily view and edit any linked data in the context of the record you’re in. No navigating away, stay in flow with just a few keystrokes.

  • Multi-directional relationships

  • Sub-objects in a single record

  • Inline and card breakout editing

Synced references

Combine user input with known reference data by easily synchronizing a read-only reference sheet with an external database or API.

  • Sync millions of records in minutes

  • Keep up to date with events or scheduled syncs


Fix problems automatically

70 percent of data issues are simply formatting or typing issues. Flatfile resolves many of these automatically with Flextype, and provides plugins and SDKs to transform data in even more specific ways.

Flex Type

Accommodate any data, while progressively adapting it to an appropriate format.

  • Adaptive data recognition

  • Shadow values

  • Progressive data adaptation

Extendable transformations

Use our powerful low-latency event stream and add your own custom code to resolve issues.

  • Dozens of plugins designed for transformation

  • Use any npm package to transform data

  • Show users what’s been transformed

  • Make external API calls to validate or enrich data

View Plugins

Realtime Feedback

Instantly highlight errors

One of the biggest points of friction in resolving data problems is the latency between providing data and discovering the issues. With Flatfile Workbooks, errors are highlighted in milliseconds, instead of hours or days.

Conditional validation

Support complex validation rules using code.

Format validation

Flag format inconsistencies that can’t be fixed automatically.

External validation

Validate against any external data source in real-time.

And much more

Reduce the time between entering data and identifying errors from hours to milliseconds -- a game-changer for data workflows.

Data diffing

Visualize and compare differences between datasets, identifying additions, deletions, and modifications effortlessly.

Branching & merging

Easily branch off datasets for parallel work or isolated analysis and merge them back without conflict, ensuring data integrity.


Automatically detect and remove duplicate records or cells using built-in logic, or write your own function for custom needs.


Infuse your data with meta-information to store auxiliary details alongside your main dataset - such as data source or internal ID.

Custom actions

Add your own code-based functions to perform customized tasks - right within the workbook interface.

Data upload

Import data from (almost) any file format. Common formats (CSV, Excel, JSON, etc.) are built-in, or you can write a plugin for your unique needs.

Data export

Download datasets directly from the workbook interface, in whatever format you want, for easy sharing or offline analysis.


Capture point-in-time data states, enabling a historical view for auditing, or to roll back changes when necessary.

Cryptographic tokenization

Replace sensitive information or PII with tokens to bolster data security and meet compliance standards without hindering usability.

Flagging records

Flag individual records for inconsistencies, errors, or any need for further scrutiny or to take specific actions.

Live updating

Integrate real-time data feeds directly into your dataset, ensuring the freshest data is always at your fingertips - automatically.

Audit log

A complete and detailed historical view of all events and actions, providing accountability and traceability.

To view all you can do with Workbooks view the developer docs

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Powerful extensions for every use case

With more than 40 available plugins, you can quickly accomplish any objective with minimal effort and maximum flexibility.

"We have always handled our data import internally. But this time, we needed to do it faster and with the assurance that it would be done without errors and securely."

Heath Cajandig, Vice President of Product

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