Data conversion made easy

Convert and onboard your customers' data effortlessly, accelerating their go-live process, reducing costs, and ensuring a seamless, confident transition.

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Eliminate costly, services-heavy data conversion processes

Enable seamless collaboration between customers and internal teams to efficiently and securely migrate complex data into new systems. Reduce resource costs, accelerate revenue, and enhance data quality & compliance.

  • Accelerate time-to-value

    Accelerate time-to-value

    Get customer data into your systems faster with a data mapping and import experience your business needs and your users will love -- without delay or compromises.

  • Minimize in-house services & development costs

    Minimize in-house services & development costs

    Keep limited and expensive resources focused on your unique business differentiators without the distraction, cost and time it takes to build data onboarding functionality.

  • Reduce data errors, increase data quality

    Reduce data errors, increase data quality

    Ensure customer data is consistent, clean and validated for go-live. Remove blockers and business delays and lessen the likelihood that critical data issues will create unnecessary fire drills.

The Customer Success Leader’s Guide to Successful Data Onboarding

Don't let your data onboarding process derail your new customer relationship before it's begun. Download this in-depth guide to find out how CS leaders can address data onboarding challenges and help new customers become customers for life.

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The Customer Success Leader’s Guide to Successful Data Onboarding

Seamless data onboarding
with Flatfile

Flatfile Projects provides everything your implementation or services teams need for a seamless data preparation and migration experience.

Speed up onboarding with AI- powered data transformations

Customers bring highly unstructured and variable data that needs to be collected, validated, transformed and cleaned. Flatfile’s AI-powered source to target mapping auto-magically converts complex data into your desired format. Automated validations, transformations and workflows ensure data is squeaky clean, approved and ready for production -- faster.

Collaborate on data your way

Stop sending Excel files back and forth via email. Streamline your complicated data workflows across diverse stakeholders with granular access control and powerful data transformations that ensure the right people manage the right data at the right time. Onboard new customers or solve any collaborative need for importing, validating, editing and approving data.

Customize workflows 
to your business needs

Flatfile's developer-first platform enables you to support your workflows and schemas easily, and its event-driven architecture provides the flexibility to create complex workflows tailored to your business needs that fully integrate with your existing systems.

"It’s one of the more important tools in our implementation toolbox. Without tools like Flatfile, scaling would be almost impossible."

Scott Patterson, Director of Implementation

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