This plugin exports a function named recordHook that sets up an event listener for the commit:created event. The purpose of this plugin is to provide a concise syntax for running custom logic on individual data records in Flatfile.

npm i @flatfile/plugin-record-hook @flatfile/hooks


import { recordHook } from '@flatfile/plugin-record-hook'
import type { FlatfileRecord } from '@flatfile/hooks'


Pass recordHook to a Flatfile data listener and provide a function to run when data is added or updated.

1. Create a listener

Set up a listener to configure Flatfile and respond to data events:

export default function(listener) {
  //simple listener
  listener.on("**", (event) => {
      `-> My event listener received an event: ${JSON.stringify(event.topic)}`)


2. Listen for data changes

Use the this plugin to set up a hook that responds to data changes:

import { recordHook } from '@flatfile/plugin-record-hook'
import { FlatfileRecord } from '@flatfile/hooks'

  recordHook('my-sheet', (record: FlatfileRecord, event: FlatfileEvent) => {
    // Your logic goes here

Replace my-sheet with the slug of the Sheet you want to attach this hook to.

Example usage

This example sets up a record hook using listener.use to modify records in the “my-sheet” sheet.

When a record is processed by the hook, it checks if the “firstName” and “lastName” fields exist and if the “fullName” field is not already populated. If these conditions are met, it sets the “fullName” field by concatenating the “firstName” and “lastName” values with a space in between.

Additionally, it adds a comment to the “fullName” field in the user interface indicating that it was populated from the first and last name.

  recordHook('my-sheet', (record: FlatfileRecord, event: FlatfileEvent) => {
    const firstName = record.get('firstName')
    const lastName = record.get('lastName')
    if (firstName && lastName && !record.get('fullName')) {
      record.set('fullName', `${firstName} ${lastName}`)
        'Full name was populated from first and last name.'
    return record