The First Mile of Healthcare IT Data


Eric Crane

Eric Crane

Co-Founder & COO

Austin Brown

Austin Brown

Enterprise Account Executive



Whether you're building a core HIS system, an ancillary application, or anything in between, don't let the data import process become your bottleneck. Learn from data exchange veterans Eric Crane and Austin Brown of Flatfile as they discuss how to get data out of files and into your systems faster, cleaner, and more efficiently.

We didn’t want “interoperability” to be the first word in the description of this webinar, for all of the groaning and eye-rolling it might induce. Connecting systems - and their data - is such an integral part of an effective healthcare delivery system, that it’s a wonder why it is still such a challenge.

While we cannot promise a solution to every interop issue you might run into, we can help in one area: file-based data exchange. Getting data out of files and into systems is the first step in effective data interoperability. It's also costly, complex, and painful.