Lowering the Cost of Data Import

Removing the Build vs Buy dilemma with a Build-With Approach


Eric Crane

Eric Crane

Co-Founder & COO


When you consider whether you should be upgrading your tech stack, do you struggle with the “build vs. buy” decision? This is a common question for software development teams when it comes to the seemingly simple issue of data file imports. While it's mission critical for businesses to import data in a clean, efficient and safe way, many of them are choosing to keep outdated solutions in place because of cost concerns or a lack of resources.

Join Eric Crane, co-founder of Flatfile and data onboarding specialist for over a decade, as he introduces the “build-with” approach to data import tools. With this approach, you can scale your business, minimize opportunity costs, and eliminate functionality constraints, resulting in increased profits.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How modernizing data import tooling in your tech stack can increase your gross margin

  • Why the “build vs. buy” dilemma can lead to inefficient data import, costing your company time, resources, and money

  • How the “build-with” framework allows you the flexibility to scale your business without making compromises on functionality