Lowering the cost of data import: Removing the build vs. buy dilemma with a build-with approach

Do you struggle with the "build vs. buy" decision when considering whether to upgrade your data integration architecture?

While it’s mission critical for businesses to import data in a clean, efficient and safe way, many choose to keep outdated solutions in place because of cost concerns or a lack of resources

Join Eric Crane, co-founder of Flatfile and data onboarding specialist for over a decade, as he introduces the “build-with” approach to data import tools. With this approach, you can scale your business, minimize opportunity costs, and eliminate functionality constraints, resulting in increased profits.


Learn how modernizing data import tooling in your data integration architecture can increase your gross margin

Find out why the build vs. buy dilemma can lead to inefficient data import, costing your company time, resources, and money

Discover how the “build-with” framework allows you the flexibility to scale your business without making compromises on functionality

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