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A plugin for unzipping zip files and uploading content back in Flatfile.

npm i @flatfile/plugin-zip-extractor
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@flatfile/plugin-zip-extractor 131 installs
@flatfile/api@^1.7.4, @flatfile/util-common@^1.1.1 (+2 more)

The @flatfile/plugin-zip-extractor plugin decompresses ZIP files and uploads their contents to Flatfile for further processing by other extractors.

Event Type: listener.on('file:created')

Supported file types: .zip

When embedding Flatfile, this plugin should be deployed in a server-side listener. Learn more


options.debug - default: false - boolean - (optional)

The debug parameter lets you toggle on/off helpful debugging messages for development purposes.

API Calls

  • api.files.get
  • api.files.update


Listen for a ZIP file to be uploaded to Flatfile. The file will be downloaded, unzipped, and the contents uploaded back to Flatfile. Once complete, the file will be ready for import in the Files area. This plugin is designed to be used in conjuction with other extractors, such as the Excel Extractor, to extract and process the contents of the files contained in the ZIP file. Files with names beginning with . will be ignored as these are typically system files (i.e. .DS_store).

npm i @flatfile/plugin-zip-extractor
import { ZipExtractor } from "@flatfile/plugin-zip-extractor";



Full Example

In this example, the ZipExtractor is initialized, and then registered as middleware with the Flatfile listener. When a JSON file is uploaded, the plugin will extract the contents of the ZIP file and upload the files to FlatFile.

import { ZipExtractor } from "@flatfile/plugin-zip-extractor";

// Initialize the ZIP extractor
const zipExtractor = ZipExtractor();

// Register the extractor as a middleware for the Flatfile listener

// When a ZIP file is uploaded, the files will be extracted and uploaded.