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Flatfile helps Benevity expedite data onboarding for corporate volunteering initiatives

Doing well by doing good has been a mantra for many companies that strive not only to run a profitable business, but that also want to drive social impact in the world. Making that happen can be a challenge, but thanks to Canadian-based company Benevity, enabling businesses to engage their people in doing good has never been easier.

Benevity is the leader in global corporate purpose software, providing the only integrated suite of community investment and employee, customer and nonprofit engagement solutions. The company’s suite of products enables more than 650 companies to transform their workplace culture, communities, and customer connections. Their software is trusted by the world’s most purpose-driven brands such as Coca-Cola, Google, Microsoft, and Visa to engage their people and communities in doing good.

“We are committed to spreading Goodness around the world,” said Rosemary Sanchez, Software Development Manager at Benevity. “That means increasing the ability for people to give, volunteer, and take action on social issues that matter to them ranging from environmental sustainability, equal rights, health & wellness, and more.” 

Benevity’s software helps companies process billions of annual donations, volunteer activities and grant applications to support millions of nonprofit organizations around the world. Spark, Benevity’s employee engagement solution, offers people a single destination for giving, volunteering and taking positive actions which helps build culture and drive engagement by offering a place for people to do good and grow both personally and professionally.

Managing a diverse client base

Benevity has a wide-ranging client base and that can present unique onboarding challenges, especially when it comes to importing data.

“We want to enable companies of all shapes and sizes to create maximum social impact in their communities, regardless of how many teammates or resources they have dedicated to running their programs,” said Sanchez. “This is where having the right tools and technology plays a big role in empowering people to do good.” 

“With our larger clients, we can be ingesting lists of hundreds of thousands of employees into our system,” said Brynn Hawker, Front End Developer at Benevity. “There is also a lot of unique data related to specific requests and configurations. Our goal is to become more data agnostic.”

Flatfile helps improve data import validation

Benevity tried a number of options to solve their data import challenge. They looked at several bulk uploading tools and conducted market research prior to building their own custom data import tool. Last year, they decided to take things to the next level and needed something more complex.

Benevity then implemented the Flatfile data importer for bulk file uploading.

“The Flatfile data importer makes it easier for our clients to upload up to 100 volunteering entries at a time and create shifts and sign-ups for employees working in various locations around the world,” said Hawker. “For example, one of our multi-national clients is getting ready to launch a global volunteering campaign and uploading all of the files ahead of time. It’s a huge time saver in the lead up to their big launch day.” 

“The validation functionality in Flatfile is really slick,” Sanchez continued. “The built-in ability to detect input issues and provide clients with the correct error message is particularly helpful. It has a really pleasing, easy to use interface and when we demo it for people it really blows their minds.”

The Flatfile data exchange platform also simplified the work the Benevity client support team has to do.

“We pride ourselves on developing software with an exceptional user experience that makes it easy for our clients to self-serve,” said Hawker. “They can now upload their own data without needing extra support to get things done.”

About Benevity

Benevity, Inc., a certified B Corporation, is the leader in global corporate purpose software, providing the only integrated suite of community investment and employee, customer and nonprofit engagement solutions. A finalist in Fast Company’s 2020 Changing Ideas Awards, many iconic brands rely on Benevity’s cloud solutions to power their purpose in ways that better attract, retain and engage today’s diverse workforce, embed social action into their customer experiences and positively impact their communities. With software that is available in 20 languages, Benevity has processed more than 7 billion dollars in donations and 38 million hours of volunteering time, facilitated 340,000 positive actions and awarded over one million grants to 303,000 nonprofits worldwide. For more information, visit

About Flatfile

Flatfile's vision is to enable seamless data transactions between every organization in the world. With AI-assisted data onboarding, they eliminate repetitive work and make B2B data exchange fast, intuitive, and error-free. Flatfile automatically learns how imported data should be structured and cleaned, enabling customers and teams to spend more time using their data instead of fixing it. Flatfile has transformed over 700 million rows of data for companies like ClickUp, Blackbaud, Benevity, and Toast. To learn more about Flatfile’s data onboarding platform email or get started for free at

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