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Decrease Churn: How To Shore Up Relationships

Someday, when you finally purchase that Tesla you’ve always wanted, you’ll want someone to walk you through all the features before hitting the road. Things like the cruise control, the wipers, how to connect your phone to the Bluetooth, etc.

Product professionals like Sara Lauer, Senior Director of Customer Success at Reflexis Systems, Inc., make sure their customers know everything about the product before putting it in drive (although, they don’t sell Teslas).

Sara joined me in this episode of Customer Success Leader to discuss

  • Why it’s crucial to know all of the stakeholders in the company before pitching a solution

  • The obstacles that get in the way of building strong customer relationships

  • How customer success tech has changed

  • How to get your customers to open up about the value they gain from your product

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Podcast quote by Sara Lauer

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