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The world's most advanced embedded data importer.

Build a deeply configurable import experience right in your product. Getting started takes just a few lines of code.

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Mock UI showing Flatfile interfaces while importing contacts into a workspace
Flatfile importing a list of contacts
How it works

A deeply configurable, seamless data importer for your product

  1. 1

    Configure your embed

    After obtaining your license key, you can configure your Flatfile JS snippet with your expected data model and validation options.

  2. 2

    Choose styling & destination

    Once the importer is configured and styled to match your platform, simply tell it where and how to send the import results.

  3. 3

    Get clean data

    Use the Dashboard to be notified of a successful upload and review the data. 70% of data problems are automated.

Flatfile importing a list of contacts
Build with Flatfile

An unmatched toolkit for data import

There comes a time in every project that you're tasked with building a CSV importer. You no longer have to agonize over doing this again from scratch.

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Flatfile reformatting country code based on a Data Hook

A flexible solution

Use Portal as your fully customizable in-app data importer or use it alongside Workspaces, our all-in-one data onboarding suite.

Deeply configurable

From seamless branding to how you push data directly into your application database, we prioritized the needs of developers.

I was excited to leapfrog using Flatfile, rather than [having to] start from scratch on our own.

Scott Snider, Lead Engineer

DIY data importers

It's time to replace your homegrown data importer.

The best companies run on Flatfile and replace homegrown solutions.

Business case for Flatfile:
  • Increased security & compliance
  • Reduction in engineering costs
  • Increased revenue & adoption
  • Reduction in implementation services per customer

Signs you need a data onboarding solution

  • Your best developers spend their time maintaining a data importer instead of building core business applications.
  • You are being asked for industry security and compliance that you haven't considered/addressed.
  • You have a sales backlog of new customers waiting to be onboarded into your system.