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Developer news: Spring 2024

If you’ve been following our changelog, you’ve seen the slew of new features that help our developer community build exceptional data exchange solutions with the Flatfile Platform. Of course, that will continue, but we also want to highlight some of the powerful new features and capabilities that help business users, data analysts and systems integration teams work on large and complex data transformations.

We've expanded the power of the Flatfile Platform with several innovative features, including AI-powered data transformation capabilities that bring dramatic efficiency gains for business users. At the same time, we continue to add tooling and productivity enhancement for developers that allow them to deliver new data exchange solutions to those users faster and easier than before. Our spring 2024 release underscores our commitment to driving value and performance advancements for business users and enterprise developers alike. 

Spring 2024 release highlights

AI Transform: Your data transformation copilot

Email addresses transformed by AI Transform

With AI Transform business users overcome the challenges of manually editing large data sets. 

This tool allows users to describe in natural language how they'd like to change their data and preview all potential changes in a convenient before-and-after view. It significantly simplifies and accelerates the cleanup and validation of enterprise data and ensures data privacy and security with a "Zero Trust AI" approach that allows users to verify changes and maintain control over critical data transformations. 

Learn more about AI Transform here.

Keep teams aligned with Shared Views

Effective collaboration hinges on clear communication and shared context. Unfortunately, when teams work together on collecting, transforming and migrating complex data sets, even the best-organized teams are often challenged with asynchronous communication mishaps or file versioning issues that result in team frustrations, added cost and prolonged project timelines. The new “Shared Views” feature, powered by the advanced filtering and querying capabilities of Flatfile workbooks, allows data migration teams to collaborate on the same data set while dynamically sharing precise data slices with relevant team members.

Powered by Flatfile’s advanced filtering and querying capabilities, Shared Views allow you to craft and share precisely tailored views of your data. With Shared Views, you can set and save your filtering parameters and name and share these views with customers or team members. When they access the same sheet, they’ll automatically see the data that matches the saved conditions of your Shared View.

Learn more about Shared Views here.

Note: AI Transform and Shared Views are available with our Pro and Enterprise Plans. If you aren’t on one of those plans yet and are interested in a test drive, please let us know.

More power for developers

Our redesigned developer dashboard simplifies and accelerates the process for software engineers to build the data exchange solutions their business needs. The updated dashboard includes new user guides and enhanced tracking and monitoring tools for detailed performance insights.

Get started quickly with pre-built apps

The new dashboard introduces a selection of pre-built apps, offering developers a streamlined approach to customizing their Flatfile experience. These apps support common use cases, such as embedded data importers or collaborative data onboarding projects. This enables developers to dive right in and utilize the platform in the most effective way possible.

User role assignment

User role assignment graphic

You can now invite and manage users with more granular access control. When you want to add a user from the dashboard, simply select a role and the spaces to which you’d like to give them access.

One-click agent deploy

One-click agent deploy example illustration

You can see all available agents in the Dashboard for your space. You can also easily deploy a new agent to your space with one click. It’s never been easier to add extractor plugins to your project.

Enhanced cell-level control in records

You can now set individual cells as “Read Only,” which gives you more granular control over data manipulation by restricting editing at the cell level and improving data integrity and compliance.

Improved table usability

You can edit cell-level text in multiline mode, making engaging with large bodies of text in a call easier. Additionally, navigating to the next row is more intuitive. Just like in a traditional spreadsheet, you can hit enter, and the cell focus will automatically advance to the next row within a column.

Box integration

We've made it even easier to get your source files into Flatfile. With our expanded file storage integrations, including Box, you can upload a file with just a few clicks. Simply connect your Box account, select the file you want to upload and it will be imported directly into Flatfile.

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