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Introducing AI Transform: Your data transformation copilot

AI will be an invaluable tool for the next generation of data exchange. Today, we’re announcing AI Transform -- a fast and safe way to make bulk edits to your data at scale.

A data transformation copilot for everyone

When your team begins a data transformation or data onboarding project, they start with messy data. While you know what the end state of the data needs to be, the path to getting there is often unclear. What is abundantly clear, however, is that editing large data files is cumbersome and slow. The tools for the job were built for granular editing and require specialized knowledge, deep experience and considerable time.

That’s why we built AI Transform – your data transformation copilot.

AI Transform lets teams use natural language to describe how they’d like their data to change. Flatfile takes this prompt and generates and executes the code necessary to make the desired changes instantly across the entire data set.

Image of AI Transform in action

What makes AI Transform so powerful?

We believe the most powerful way to make complex and precise changes to large data files is through code. But not everyone knows how to write code. So we created a transformation copilot that uses AI in the background to turn your team’s commands into code that runs automatically––giving you data editing superpowers.

Here are a few of the capabilities your team gets with AI Transform:

Combine data: Combine data from two or more columns to create a new value to populate another column. For example, use first name, last name, and domain name to create an email address.

Using AI Transform to fill values in an email fieldEmail addresses transformed by AI Transform

Calculate a final value: You can easily generate values by calculating them. For example, imagine multiplying the property value by the property tax rate to determine the amount of property taxes owed on each property.

Extract parts of your data: Sometimes, the values you need are embedded in a longer string. With AI Transform, you can simply describe the portion you want and what you want to do with it. For example, imagine having a full name field you want to divide into first, middle, and last names. 

You can do the above and so much more -- move data from one column to another, change data formatting, delete values, etc. If you can describe it, you can likely do it. You can even string multiple commands together into a single prompt.

Not another chatbot

The last thing any of us want is another chatbot, especially when we need to do complex business operations on sensitive data. That’s why AI Transform is a copilot, not a bot. Instead, we designed an interface fine-tuned for teams working directly with their data in a table. Here are a few features we think you’ll love:

Filter & prompt: Filter your data down using our flexible filtering tools then click AI Transform to begin your data editing workflow on only the records in view.

Prompt ideas: Not sure what you can do? AI Transform provides examples of prompts to get you started.

Tips: Using AI can sometimes feel like a black box, so AI Transform provides tips for getting the best results quickly.

Designed for humans: Easily see how a record has changed, auto-scroll to affected columns, and quickly toggle between all records and only records with changes. 

Edit 1M records, instantly: Editing large data files has never been so easy or fast.

Never trust, always verify

AI in the enterprise has great promise but also meaningful risks. When transforming sensitive or proprietary data, it’s essential that your team controls and verifies changes before records are permanently updated. AI Transform was designed with this fundamental product principle at its core.

Version history with AI transform

Preview changes: AI Transform presents your team with a preview of all possible changes after a command is submitted. This feature means you never have to wonder how the AI interpreted your prompt. You can verify beforehand exactly how your data will change.

Iterative prompting: Sometimes, the first attempt doesn’t yield the expected result, or you might decide to make additional multi-step changes to the data. In the change preview view, your team can easily edit or add to their prompts and instantly see how the change in command changes the data. You can tweak the prompt to get closer to your desired outcome.

Remember everything: Even after you’ve committed changes, you’re not locked in. AI Transform takes a snapshot of the data before each change so you can easily go back to any point in time and restore your data to its prior form.

Designed for sensitive data requirements: AI Transform prioritizes keeping customer data private and secure. The AI models that power this experience are hosted by Flatfile. Your data is never transmitted to third-party model providers like OpenAI and Anthropic. You can be confident that your customer data won’t end up in a training set for third-party models or be accessible to other Flatfile customers.

AI Transform keeps your data secure

AI Transform

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AI Transform makes bulk data editing quick, accurate and effortless for teams. The feature is available now for Pro and Enterprise customers.