Get merchant data, faster

Flatfile’s AI-assisted data exchange platform is ideal for online marketplaces. Convert and onboard your merchant data with ease so that you get products live faster and at lower cost, regardless of variable formatting or structure.



Do these common merchant onboarding problems sound familiar?

Hours and resources wasted on redundant data onboarding tasks

Merchant friction caused by complicated or slow onboarding processes

Delayed stakeholder activation caused by rigid workflows

Complex and non-standard data with borderless ecommerce

Seamless data onboarding with Flatfile

The Flatfile Data Exchange Platform provides all the tools your merchants and your implementation teams need for a seamless data onboarding experience.

Automate tasks with AI-enhanced mapping

Stop sending Excel files back-and-forth via email. Flatfile’s AI powered source to target mapping auto-magically converts merchant data into your desired format. Automated validations, transformations and workflows ensure data is squeaky clean, approved and ready for production -- faster.

    Collaborate on data your way

    Streamline complex data workflows across diverse stakeholders. Onboard new merchants or solve any collaborative need for importing, validating, editing and approving data. Granular access control and powerful data transformations ensure the right people manage the right data at the right time.

      Tailored workflows for varying data needs

      merchants bring highly unstructured and variable data that needs to be imported, validated, transformed and cleaned. Flatfile’s robust and extensible SDKs, APIs and plugins enable you to easily cater to and personalize your workflows and schemas to a customers needs -- without the added effort.


        See how Flatfile fast-tracks data file import for your suppliers

        Online marketplaces are reclaiming their time by utilizing data exchange platforms like Flatfile to deal with unstructured or variable data from thousands of suppliers.

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        Explore the Flatfile Data Exchange Platform and build the ideal data file import experience for your users - faster, easier and safer.

        Meet the Flatfile Data Exchange Platform

        Built for developers

        Flatfile’s robust API, SDKs and code-based approach provide true flexibility and control, unlike low-code solutions. Seamlessly integrates into your existing infrastructure with Git-based configuration and source control.

        Intuitive for end users

        The familiar spreadsheet-style interface highlights errors and streamlines tasks like search, find, replace and sort. It ensures a seamless experience with fully customizable workflows and theming to align perfectly with your process and brand.

        Everything needed for file import

        The industry’s most comprehensive data import experience at your fingertips, fully extensible with your own code. Import any data file type from any source. Clean data inconsistencies and formatting issues automatically.

        Enterprise scale

        Scalable and secure by default, Flatfile was built to meet rigorous enterprise security and compliance standards and provide the robust infrastructure necessary for large- scale data operations.

        "We have always handled our data import internally. But this time, we needed to do it faster and with the assurance that it would be done without errors and securely."

        Heath Cajandig, Vice President of Product

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