Get started with Flatfile's Portal playgrounds

Want to get up and running with Flatfile quickly? Check out some of the Codesandbox and local demos to get the feel for how it is to work with Portal.

See an embedded example of Flatfile Portal

Below, we've embedded Portal to allow you the opportunity to see first hand how quick and easy our data importing tool is. Simply download the example data file (.csv), click Import Customer Data, and see the magic for yourself.

In this example, we will upload a raw .csv file - perform some field mapping, and then send the data to Flatfile. In return, we get a JSON object of customers that we can then do what we'd like. In this case, we simply render them in a table. But you could POST them to an API, save in a Database, etc - the possibilites are endless, and all without countless developer hours wrangling data!

Sample Dataset

You can also try our local demos from GitHub.

Codesandbox Examples