The State of
Data Onboarding

Data onboarding, a critical stage in the customer onboarding process where data is migrated into a new software application, continues to be a serious challenge for companies - no matter the size or industry. The State of Data Onboarding is the first report of its kind to shed light on data onboarding: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

We surveyed more than 100 companies and gathered additional data from more than 5,000 respondents via Twitter to learn more about how organizations today are managing the data onboarding process.

Some key findings

54% of respondents are importing data daily

Yup, more than half mentioned they need to upload data at least once per day.

23% of respondents reported that it takes weeks or months to import customer data

Yikes! That's a LONG time.

96% of survey respondents estimate they’ve run into problems importing data.

Importing data doesn't seem to be easy...

How are companies importing data today?

Well, there are lots of different approaches. Survey respondents shared the ways they currently onboard data...

Internal Tool
Pre-built Importer
A mix

Learn how organizations are solving this often overlooked business problem.

Survey respondents told us they want a better data onboarding experience.

They even gave us the specifics.

If you could change anything about your current data onboarding experience, what would it be?

Make it more collaborative and version controllable.

Jimmy Thomson
VP of Customer Engagement

What’s your dream data onboarding experience for your users?

Hands off. The client has the power to see what they need to do and put their information in. Then that information is easily interpreted.

Christine Watts
Head of Client Success & Product

The collaborative workspace for data onboarding is here. Build relationships with your customers instead of wrangling their data.

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