Reducing churn with better onboarding


How to reduce customer churn with better onboarding

Avoidable customer churn is costing U.S. businesses $136 billion a year.

Companies today need to execute a flawless onboarding experience for their customers. Not only does a positive onboarding experience ensure that the relationship gets off on the right foot but better customer onboarding can reduce the risk of churn.

According to Donna Weber, consultant and author of the book Onboarding Matters:

“Bringing customers onboard is the most important part of the customer journey. Yet, despite this being so critical, poor onboarding is the main cause of churn. It’s estimated that more than half of customer churn is related to poor customer onboarding and poor customer service.”

Flatfile along with the Customer Success Association brought together an exciting panel discussion dedicated to the ways in which companies can reduce churn through better customer onboarding.

In this guide, we feature the four lessons learned from the recent webinar featuring Donna Weber, consultant and author of Onboarding Matters along with Will Stevenson, Co-Founder and COO of and our very own Ryan DeForest who leads Support Operations and Strategy here at Flatfile.

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