Embed in your app
Before you begin

Embed React is a front-end SDK wrapper around the Flatfile API. It allows you to securely and easily add an embedded data import experience, also known as a Space, to any React app.

Using an iframe, Embed React seamlessly integrates into your website or application, providing a simple yet robust experience for collecting and transforming data from your customers.

Prerequisites: You’ll need a Flatfile account and your publishable key to complete this tutorial. Sign up and use the publishable key from your development environment for this tutorial.

Before you begin

The minimum supported version is React v16.

Check versions

Check your versions in terminal. If you use an older version, you’ll need to upgrade.

npm view react version

Install the package

Install Embed React from the npm public registry.

npm install @flatfile/react@latest


API keys are created automatically. Use the Developers Page to reveal your publishable key for each Environment. Learn more about Authentication.

The publishable key is safe to be used in client-side applications as it has limited access to the Flatfile API. Copy your publishable key and environment id from the dashboard to a notepad. You’ll need these in the next step.

Recap & Next Steps

In the next step, we will get started building our embedded Flatfile using an iFrame.