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Welcoming our new investors to Flatfile

We're also excited to announce our latest data onboarding offering

Startup life is mostly a blur of solving profoundly difficult challenges, building, fixing, selling, and occasionally, sleeping. Scaling an idea into a vision, that vision into reality, and reality into success takes an incredible amount of commitment and dedication from unequivocally talented people.

In the year since we launched Flatfile, I’ve had the rare opportunity to watch a team form out of some of the best craftspeople I’ve ever met. Their energy, and astoundingly hard work has paid off with incredible results in the product, its growth, and our customer experience. Less than a year ago, a handful of some of the best early-stage funds in the world made a two million dollar bet on these people.

A year ago, we were just getting started. Today, I’m thrilled to announce $7.6m in fresh funding led by Two Sigma Ventures, with participation from Gradient (Google’s AI Fund), and nearly a dozen other incredible funds and individual investors I’ll share more on in a second.

Great investors don’t just write checks, they breathe fire on everything that might stop you. From the first pitch with Frances Schwiep and her team at Two Sigma Ventures, we recognized the same level of energy and conviction we see on our team every day. I’m proud to welcome Frances to our board of directors, adding another vote of confidence in each person on this team.

We have already started deploying the new investment in a couple of key ways. First, today we are officially launching Flatfile’s data onboarding platform into beta today. Over the past year, we’ve learned from our customers how critical effective data onboarding is for their enterprise clients. Flatfile’s data onboarding platform (our “elegant import button”) works well in cases where an end user can self-serve through data import, and with Flatfile’s data onboarding platform, we’re releasing a more robust solution for complex data onboarding projects.

Flatfile’s data onboarding platform is designed for inter-company data sharing and collaboration. Within highly secure workspaces, you can request, share, and iterate on imported data with your customers, vendors, or any other third party. Further, there’s no code required to get started, meaning that the customer success, implementation, and services professionals often leading the data onboarding charge can jump right in. If this sounds familiar to you, join our waitlist and we will schedule an interview to learn more!

Flatfile’s data onboarding platform

Second, along with rolling out Flatfile’s data onboarding platform, we are using our new funding to quickly expand our (distributed) team. Building beautiful, human-centric experiences to remove the barriers between people and data is not easy. We’re searching for diverse perspectives and a desire to solve some of the most unique challenges at the intersection of data and design. Even if the role you’re looking for is not listed, I encourage you to submit a general application; we review them all. We would love your support in making all data accessible and usable.

Finally, we want to give a few shout outs. First, to our customers for your support and feedback. We’re thrilled you share our passion for improving the human experience of working with data. 

Next, to our entire investor team for believing in that passion and our vision. We’re looking forward to continued collaboration with the teams at Gradient, Afore, Designer Fund, and Founder Collective, and excited to get started with Quiet Capital, HNVR, Work Life Ventures, Basecamp Fund, and Soma Capital. We’re also grateful for the support and investment from a handful of experienced founders and angel investors such as Nat Turner & Zach Weinberg (founders of FlatIron Health), Nitesh Banta (founder of B12), and David Phillips (founder of Hackbright).

And finally, to my co-founder Eric, and this amazing team: JP, Nate, Randy, Elizabeth, Daniel, David, JK, Robbie, Jill, Matt, Dylan, Sheila, and Amber, thank you for your support.

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