Flatfile data onboarding

Import customer data in 60 seconds or less

Invalid data, missing required field, upload failed. Onboarding customer data is a time consuming, messy process. Until now. Say goodbye to import errors and hello to Flatfile.

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Upload a file

First, choose a file to upload to Flatfile's data onboarding platform. Flatfile can be embedded directly into an application or users can collaborate in a data onboarding workspace, hosted by Flatfile.

Flatfile importer asking the user to upload a file

Structure your data

Next, Flatfile helps you get your data into the right format. The platform learns over time how data should be organized. Data fields are inferred from your file and smart matching automatically maps your field names to the target schema.

Flatfile importer performing header matching

Clean and ready

With unique data validation features like Data Hooks®, Flatfile guides you through any necessary changes to ensure imported data is clean, accurate, and ready to use.

Flatfile importer on the review step

Data still not right?

It happens. Simply hop into a secure workspace and collaborate in real time to resolve issues and move forward quickly.

Flatfile collaborative workspace

Data transformation complete

That's a wrap! Imported data instantly transformed. Data onboarding complete.

File finished uploading to a server

Seeing is believing. We’ll show you how Flatfile can help.

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