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Product updates & features

Quickly get started with the new CLI Quickstart

We recently re-architected our system for developers

  • A new SDK: All the tools, libraries, & tests you need, written from the ground up.

  • Git-based configs: Skip the dashboard. Configure and deploy directly from your code.

  • Typescript: With fewer runtime errors, reason about data in a more sane way.

  • Refreshed Docs: Migrate to the developer config, as quick and painless as possible.

  • Data Hooks: Easily write logic right where you're building - no more GUIs.

  • Environments: Test and deploy with different environments guessed it, code

Getting started with the new CLI Quickstart

With the new platform SDK, you can deploy a proof of concept in less than 5 minutes and begin adding fields relevant to your use case, all from your terminal.


Want the full kitchen sink? 

Deploy one of our new Starter Templates and work backwards from a more comprehensive example.