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Product updates & features

New custom styling features help Flatfile integrate even more seamlessly

Enhanced brand customization to blend right in

One of the key benefits of Flatfile is its ability to integrate seamlessly with your user interface. Now, we've added even more customization features to help you further match your brand.

  • Improvement to brand color overrides: We've integrated your custom colors in even more places to elevate your brand in the data import experience.

  • Support for custom fonts: If you include your Adobe TypeKit project id, you can reference any font within. We'll apply that font to your importer instantly.

  • Help content: (BETA) You can now choose to include help text for your customers on the importer screen. Standard markdown is supported for styling if you want to spice it up.

Can your data importer do that?

Flatfile's experience is just one of many reasons to ditch your homegrown importer. With enterprise compliance and security to boot, what more could you ask for?

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Flatfile's new and improved customization features make it easier than ever to optimize your importer while maintaining alignment with your brand. With 1.8 billion records processed and counting, Flatfile gives the world's best companies a centralized platform for better data onboarding.

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Ashley, Head of Growth Design

Are you getting questions about industry security and compliance that you haven’t yet prioritized or considered? This is a surefire sign it’s time to replace your homegrown data importer.

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