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Flatfile awarded 23 Spring 2024 G2 Badges 

Most companies say something like, "Customers are at the core of our product" or "We wear our customer's shoes," but it doesn't always feel like that, does it?

While most companies see customer support as a cost center, we see it as the backbone of our business. It's a company-wide effort to make sure our customers are always feeling the Flatfile love. We want you to be excited to talk to us because you know it will be painless, incredibly helpful, and maybe even a little entertaining.

That's why we're so excited and honored to announce that Flatfile has been awarded an impressive 23 G2 Badges for Spring 2024. G2 scores products and vendors based on reviews gathered from its user community (100% of whom rate Flatfile 4 or 5 stars out of 5!) and data from online sources and social networks, and applies its algorithm to calculate customer satisfaction and market presence scores.

Some of our Spring 2024 G2 badges include:

  • Data Exchange platforms: Easiest to do business with

  • Data Exchange platforms: High performer

  • Data Preparation: Easiest to do business with

  • Data Preparation: Highest user adoption

  • Data Preparation: High performer

  • Data Quality: Best support

  • Data Quality: Easiest Setup

  • Data Quality: Easiest to do business with

  • Data Quality: Easiest to use

  • Data Quality: Highest user adoption

  • Data Quality: High performer

  • Embedded Integration platform: Best meets requirements

  • Embedded Integration platform: Easiest to do business with

  • Embedded Integration platform: High Performer

This is particularly exciting after a year of momentous updates and changes. It's been a landmark year for us with our launch of the Flatfile Data Exchange Platform, and being awarded these badges is a sign that you're as excited about our improvements as we are. Your feedback drives our progress, and we take every piece of it to heart. We're proud to see that we're meeting your expectations and that we’re helping you easily create your ideal data file exchange experiences.

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