Product updates & features

Developer news: March 2024

It's been a very busy few months, and we've been working hard to improve your Flatfile experience. We've built and enhanced functionalities like advanced column filtering, intuitive column management with instant feedback, customizable email theming, multi-selection and drag-and-drop file upload support and more.

We're also excited to announce that we'll be releasing our new dashboard experience soon! Stay tuned for more details.

Product updates

Advanced column filtering

Beyond the existing functionalities of sorting, replacing empty values, and conducting searches within fields, we’ve now integrated a precise value filtering option for columns. This new feature includes a convenient search mechanism to effortlessly pinpoint and filter by the specific value you’re seeking.

Icons representing column filtering

Enhanced file upload experience: Multi-selection and drag-and-drop support

Now, you can select and upload multiple files simultaneously through the file uploader, making it quicker and easier than ever to upload your data.

Email theming for Pro Plan customers

Users can now update their space metadata object with a theme configuration to customize the look of their emails.

Example of email theming invitation with code block

You can learn more here.

Your insight into Space dynamics: Introducing 'lastActivityAt'

We’re thrilled to introduce `lastActivityAt`, which marks the date of the last significant activity within a Space, such as adding records to a sheet, uploading files or altering the configuration of a workbook.

Learn more here.

Intuitive column management in real-time

Adjustments made within the column management panel now reflect instantly, meaning you can see the impact of your selections or deselections in real-time.

Stay up-to-date on all of the new feature releases here.

SDK and plugins

@flatfile/plugin-delimiter-extractor@0.9.1 and @flatfile/plugin-xlsx-extractor@v1.11.3

A new update brings our extractors in line with Flatfile’s core header detection capabilities, and now offers three distinct header detection strategies: default, explicitHeaders, and specificRows. The default strategy automatically scans the first 10 rows of your file to identify the header row based on the highest count of non-empty cells.

Learn more here.


This update introduces several significant enhancements to improve your data export workflows including sheet-specific exports, customizable job names and enhanced character checks for those that may not be recognized by Excel.

Learn more here.


This update aims to offer more flexibility, reliability and a broader applicability of the webhook egress plugin. We've now transitioned from using axios to fetch for HTTP requests, extended compatibility to browser environments and integrated enhanced response rejection handling.

Learn more here.

Stay up-to-date on all of the plugins updates here.

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