Data integration's (surprising) missing piece


Eric Crane

Eric Crane

Co-Founder & COO

Gottfried Sehringer

Gottfried Sehringer

Chief Marketing Officer

Arjun Karande

Arjun Karande

Chief Architect



For many businesses, collecting and importing data files from customers, suppliers, partners, agents or other unmanaged external sources is a critically important process, but it's one that, shockingly, many organizations still struggle with. While data integration and management tools have been around for decades, there's an important part of today's data integration equation that they don't solve.

Traditional tools rely on highly structured data and IT systems, but the majority of businesses receive and import a wide variety of data files from a multitude of sources. Any delay or complication affects data quality, delays decision-making and can cause considerable user frustration and cost. How can businesses safely and efficiently import data that traditional tools can't easily handle?

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • How common data file import, collection, exchange and onboarding challenges significantly impact many businesses today

  • Why ETL and data exchange are the chocolate and peanut butter of data integration

  • Key considerations for adding the missing piece of data file exchange to your data integration stack

  • How AI can drastically improve data imports (and when to be cautious)