Peoplelogic cuts customer onboarding time by 83% with Flatfile

The challenge

Burnout is a huge hurdle when it comes to managing a team. According to a Deloitte survey, 70 percent of professionals say their employer isn’t doing enough to prevent burnout, and burnout rates are up due to the stress of working throughout the pandemic.

Peoplelogic cultivates a data-driven culture by unlocking the insights hidden in an organization’s data. Its actionable analysis offers solutions for improving employee engagement and performance, while reducing burnout and turnover. 

Soon after launching, the company knew they had a customer onboarding challenge, but Peoplelogic weren’t keen on building a CSV data importer from scratch. 

Peoplelogic turned to Flatfile to help quickly onboard new customers and reduce churn for users whose data sources don’t have direct integrations yet:

  • Choosing a ready-made CSV importer

  • Cutting customer onboarding from 3 hours to 30 minutes

  • Reducing churn for customers whose data sources don’t have an API

  • Buying time for more direct integrations

Choosing a ready-made CSV importer 

“I initially heard about Flatfile from another local startup, EmployUS. They were quite happy with the tool, and I quickly realized it made sense for us as well,” said Matthew Schmidt, CEO and founder of Peoplelogic, which launched in March of 2020. 

Because their product was still new, Peoplelogic hadn’t built out a CSV data importer yet. Rather than attempting to create a tool themselves, they went straight for the ready-made solution that Flatfile offers. 

Flatfile is a CSV data importer that’s simple for Peoplelogic’s customers to use themselves. Users can make any necessary data changes from inside the importer, such as employees roles and teams, without having to constantly reupload updated CSV files. 

"For larger organizations, they would dig in and then realize that it could take a few hours to manually add all of their employees. Many would churn immediately. Flatfile gives us a way to keep those people in our funnel."

John Hathorn, VP of Growth

“We chose an out-of-the-box solution because we’ve suffered the pain of building CSV importers in our past. Additionally, it wasn’t a core piece of our product functionality. We make a deliberate choice to focus our development on the pieces of the product that drive our core platform forward. We always strive to plug and play existing solutions where it makes sense,” explained Schmidt.

Cutting customer onboarding from 3 hours to 30 minutes

In order for Peoplelogic customers to start getting insights on how to better manage and engage their teams, the first step is to onboard their employees and data sources. 

“Before Flatfile, a customer might sign up for our free plan, expecting to see insights quickly,” explained John Hathorn, VP of Growth at Peoplelogic. “For larger organizations, they would dig in and then realize that it could take a few hours to manually add all of their employees. Many would churn immediately. Flatfile gives us a way to keep those people in our funnel.”

The team at Peoplelogic implemented Flatfile soon after launching to quickly address the onboarding issue. Now, it takes managers or department heads about 30 minutes to import a CSV file of all employees and then hook up their additional data sources, such as Slack, G Suite, and other tools.

Reducing churn for customers whose data sources lack an API

In addition to onboarding a CSV file of all employees, Peoplelogic customers can use Flatfile to import data on a weekly or monthly basis. For the most part, users can rely on direct integrations to bring in people data from various sources to help analyze what’s going on with employees. But sometimes this isn’t possible. Using Flatfile for quick uploads lets managers analyze data from their teams that would otherwise be lost, or difficult to pull insights from.

“One of our customers has an SDR team in Peopleogic, but their power dialer doesn’t have an API, so we can’t natively pull data from it,” said Hathorn. “Without a great CSV importer, we would’ve lost this customer. Fortunately, they can use Flatfile to quickly add this data every week.”

Flatfile’s data importer ensures Peoplelogic can retain customers who otherwise might not have been able to achieve the full value of their insights platform.

Buying time for more direct integrations

Not all data sources have an API and the team at Peoplelogic can’t build direct integrations for every tool under the sun. 

With a simple, user-friendly CSV importer, the Peoplelogic team can keep customers while also considering whether or not it makes sense to build an integration. “Having our customers upload their CSV files from the tools they’re using is a nice interim solution while we justify building out a new integration. We need to have enough paying customers requesting an integration with a specific tool for us to prioritize the work,” said Schmidt.

Of course, a CSV data importer is only successful if people use it. “Flatfile has impressive conditional logic and walks people through the steps to make sure data is mapped appropriately,” added Hathorn. “It looks great from a UI perspective, and is very modern compared to so many archaic data importers I’ve seen with other tools.”

"We’re so glad we went with Flatfile. The tool is really customizable, and the ROI of buying a quality importer versus building is substantial."

John Hathorn, VP of Growth

About Peoplelogic

Peoplelogic, the first true People Intelligence platform, cultivates a data-driven culture by unlocking the insights hidden within your organization’s people data. By automatically aggregating and analyzing vast amounts of data being generated across cloud-enabled tools, the platform surfaces insights and actionable recommendations that ensure growth and stability. Businesses must empower everyone to make better decisions, faster, and Peoplelogic makes that a scalable reality. Providing leaders and managers with an unprecedented vantage point into the inner workings of how work gets done, Peoplelogic makes sure no leader has to make a blind decision based on a gut feeling again. To learn more and start a free trial, visit peoplelogic.

About Flatfile

Flatfile's vision is to enable seamless data transactions between every organization in the world. With AI-assisted data onboarding, they eliminate repetitive work and make B2B data exchange fast, intuitive, and error-free. Flatfile automatically learns how imported data should be structured and cleaned, enabling customers and teams to spend more time using their data instead of fixing it. Flatfile has transformed over 700 million rows of data for companies like ClickUp, Blackbaud, Benevity, and Toast. To learn more about Flatfile’s data onboarding platform email or get started for free at

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