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A plugin for parsing json files in Flatfile.

npm i @flatfile/plugin-json-extractor
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The @flatfile/json-extractor plugin parses a JSON file and extracts first-level nested objects as Sheets in Flatfile.

Event Type: listener.on('file:created')

Supported file types: .json

When embedding Flatfile, this plugin should be deployed in a server-side listener. Learn more


options.chunkSize - default: "10_000" - number - (optional)

The chunkSize parameter allows you to specify the quantity of records to in each chunk.

options.parallel - default: "1" - number - (optional)

The parallel parameter allows you to specify the number of chunks to process in parallel.

API Calls

  • api.files.get
  • api.files.update
  • api.records.insert
  • api.workbooks.create


Listen for a JSON file to be uploaded to Flatfile. The platform will then extract the file automatically. Once complete, the file will be ready for import in the Files area.

npm i @flatfile/plugin-json-extractor
import { JSONExtractor } from "@flatfile/plugin-json-extractor";

Full Example

In this example, the JSONExtractor is initialized, and then registered as middleware with the Flatfile listener. When a JSON file is uploaded, the plugin will extract the structured data and process it the extractor's parser.

import { JSONExtractor } from "@flatfile/plugin-json-extractor";

// Initialize the JSON extractor
const jsonExtractor = JSONExtractor();

// Register the extractor as a middleware for the Flatfile listener

// When a JSON file is uploaded, the data will be extracted and processed using the extractor's parser.

See a working example in our flatfile-docs-kitchen-sink Github repo.