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Qualifi finds integrating job applicant data a breeze with Flatfile Portal

records uploaded in one click
seconds to upload 100 records
minutes less spent on each 100 records


Before Flatfile

Qualifi is an on-demand phone interview platform that allows recruiters to interview seven times more candidates without scheduling a single call. The company is changing the way high-volume recruiters screen their candidates. Its frictionless, on-demand screening platform gives recruiters a week's worth of time back while maintaining a human touch for candidates.

Qualifi’s customers typically want to upload applicant records already stored in their applicant tracking systems (ATS). But a lot of customers balk at paying extra fees to integrate their ATS with Qualify.

The impetus for change

That means that many customers resolve to manually enter applicant data into Qualifi — a process that can take more than 30 minutes per 100 applicant records.

Qualifi considered building its own solution to make the onboarding process easier, but with so many different customers, it knew the cost and time needed to manage a system that would work for all of them would get way out of hand.


By using Flatfile Portal, Qualify now provides seamless integration of records from any of its customers’s applicant tracking systems at the click of a button. The look and feel of Flatfile Portal fits in seamlessly with Qualifi’s own user interface, so customers hardly know it’s there. 

"We implemented it two years ago now and really haven’t touched it since. It has just worked. We’ve never had an issue with it. We’ve never had a reason to change it, update it, or look back into it. "

DeSean Prentice, Co-founder


Qualifi eliminated the need for its customers to manually enter data, reducing their applicant record processing time from 33 minutes per 100 records to about ten seconds. And because Flatfile is constantly updated, Qualifi knows it has a solution that will work for all of its customers and well into the future.