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DonorDock accelerates donor engagement using Flatfile Portal

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Before Flatfile

DonorDock helps nonprofit organizations manage donations so they can save time and raise more funds. Its SaaS platform provides tools to easily manage contacts and track giving, create donation pages and campaigns, and simplify data entry and reporting.

Like many organizations, DonorDock first developed its own software to help its clients onboard their data into their SaaS platform.

The impetus for change

DonorDock soon found that their homegrown solution was finicky, needing to have its data arranged in a very certain way, and wasn’t flexible enough for all users. It resulted in a frustrating experience for both DonorDock and its clients, requiring multiple back-and-forth sessions to get the data just right.

“We had to assist them and go through the process of getting everything formatted the right way, which was time consuming and not fun for anybody,” said Andrew Lutgen, Co-founder and CTO of DonorDock. “When you are just starting with a new piece of software, it’s the last thing you want to be doing.”


After evaluating its options, DonorDock chose to use Flatfile Portal. Portal offered DonorDock a robust solution that is easy to use and has plenty of support documentation available for new users. Plus, now DonorDock doesn’t ever have to worry about maintaining its own software to keep it compatible with emerging technologies and standards.

"The benefits of using Flatfile Portal were almost immediate! It got rid of all the problems we were having with imports."

Andrew Lutgen, Co-founder/CTO


Donor Dock reduced its clients’s onboarding time from a process that took “hours to weeks” to one that now takes mere seconds. It also eliminated the frustration of pre-formatting data before upload and training new customers on how to use their previous solution.