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Customer stories

Kolleno helps credit control teams keep their cash flows healthy with Flatfile

Kolleno is a centralized and automated receivables, payments and reconciliations provider built for finance professionals and as they grew, they realized that they needed a safe, secure, customizable and easy-to-use solution that would help them import critical CSVs for clients that required this feature. Although they built an in-house CSV importer to deal with their data import challenges, they quickly realized that they were going to need to find the right data exchange platform to help them scale.

Direct business impact

Kolleno helps companies grow by helping them get paid faster, and when you help entire credit control teams to keep their cash flows healthy, you need data solutions you can rely on and trust. Before Flatfile, Kolleno's data import process involved getting a CSV or Excel file from any customer that did not use a standard ERP (enterprise resource planning) system, and giving it to their backend team who would then create a script with all of the necessary headings and run the script. Developer time and resources were required each and every time Kolleno needed to upload client data.

After it became clear that tying up development resources in this way wasn’t a good long-term solution for their growing demands, Kolleno went on the lookout for a solution. After trying multiple different options including building their own CSV import tool, they realized that Flatfile fit their needs the best. "Flatfile's positive impact on productivity has been apparent, as it empowers clients to easily upload substantial data sets within minutes. This not only spares our development team from shouldering the burden but also frees them to concentrate on other essential tasks,” said Adonis Damalis, Head of Customer Success at Kolleno. Due to the nature of their business, Flatfile’s customizability and user-friendly front end became invaluable to Kolleno. "Implementing Flatfile, said Damalis, “has resulted in significant time savings for both our development team and the clients that use it."

Data import challenges

Making sure that data was in the correct format was one of the most challenging parts of their data import process, but Flatfile made it simple to identify errors and amend them with ease. Another key challenge that Kolleno was facing was human error. "There's always human error," said Adonis Damalis, Head of Customer Success at Kolleno, "and if you aren't able to identify it and highlight it, it becomes a problem."

Kolleno wanted to make the data exchange experience as seamless and frictionless as possible, so they turned to Flatfile. "What impressed me about Flatfile," said Damalis, "was that I could take a CSV file or an Excel sheet and put that into software. It seems so simple, but it's saved us and our clients so much time."

Saving time and resources

"All our clients that don’t utilize an ERP, use Flatfile. That's the biggest sign of success. For them, it’s a 100% success rate,” said Damalis. The implementation process was simple and painless. Flatfile worked directly with developers at Kolleno to train them on how to use and troubleshoot the Platform. "You guys have done such a great job of customer service that we don't even need to reach out to you most of the time," said Damalis. "Clients are loving it. It's working."

In Kolleno’s case, it was important that the solution they chose offered a great, easy-to-use user experience for their clients. "We chose Flatfile,” said Damalis, “because we could see that your customers mean everything to you, just like our customers mean everything to us." Kolleno needed a customizable solution that would fit into their existing software and decided to try Flatfile because they had heard great things about the Flatfile Data Exchange Platform. The Kolleno team knew the problem they were facing and the outcome they wanted, and Flatfile was able to look at that information and the solution they built and take it to the next level. "With Flatfile," said Damalis, “we've reduced the time that data import tasks take by 70%.”

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