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Flatfile Portal 2.0 - Normalizing Imported CSVs with Data Hooks

Normalizing imported CSVs with data hooks

Data Hooks™ is the most powerful new addition to Flatfile: they allow nearly infinite extensibility and customization of import flows. Today's focus is on how you can use Data Hooks to normalize the data your customers are dropping into the Portal. Two common use-cases we see are names and dates.

Normalizing spreadsheet names

A common data problem we see emerge when importing is when original sources have a full name and your system requires a first and last name (or the opposite). Using data hooks, you can easily employ awesome libraries like split-human-name to normalize values and save users hours of work.

Normalize spreadsheet names graphic

ISO formatted dates

We've all seen the thousands of ways that users provide data values. Thankfully there are awesome libraries like moment.js or date-fns to help normalize human written dates into ISO formats. With data hooks, you can not only normalize the values but also run complex analysis - like preventing dates in the future.

ISO formatted dates graphic

...and so many other use-cases.

  1. Convert countries to their ISO codes.

  2. Normalize zip and postal codes.

  3. Convert monetary values into their currency syntax.

  4. Automatically format product codes.

  5. Convert values to database reference IDs.

  6. Tokenize PII for compliance with products like

  7. Append additional data automatically from an external file.

  8. Send us your ideas!

Flatfile Portal 2.0

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PS. Flatfile is built on your feedback. We appreciate you for helping us build a better experience every day. If you ever have ideas or suggestions, share them with us, or you can even schedule a call with Randy (our product lead) to discuss them.

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