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Add a little confetti to your customer's day

A roundup of recent Flatfile improvements to

Using a spreadsheet template to import data isn't always a bad experience. But it would be hard to call it lovable. Even when your customer understands file encoding and can parse system-level error messages, it's still quite a chore to get the data in.

We believe your second product is the onboarding experience. Flatfile is here not just to help your customers through it, but to celebrate unlocking that next phase of value with you.

Add your logo Placing your logo in the Flatfile importer serves as an extra reminder of the awesome product where this data is going.

Guiding your users on what's next Providing your own message to customers lets you describe any intricacies specific to your product.

Crystal clear acceptance states Flatfile makes it clear what data is ready to go, what needs their attention, and how to resolve anything that might keep them from importing their data into your system. Rejections can now be passed directly from your system!

Celebration state Your customers just took a major step towards using your product - or using it more effectively. Celebremos!

Flatfile's new and improved import experience makes it easier than ever to customize your importer to align with your unique use case. With 1.8 billion records processed and counting, Flatfile gives the world's best companies a centralized platform for better data onboarding.

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