Data is everywhere.
ETL tools are not.

Not all businesses deal with the same types of data, so why would they all benefit from the same data integration solutions?


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Data Exchange vs ETL

If you have structured data and tightly managed IT systems, ETL may be a good fit. But if you need to import a variety of real-world data files from your team, vendors and other sources, consider a data file exchange solution.

  • ETL is ideal for well-structured data and highly managed systems and databases

  • Real-world data files often require data mapping, review, cleanup, and validation

  • Adding a data exchange solution to your ETL tool gives you the power to import and exchange highly variable data files

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What’s unique about data exchange?

Data integration, or more broadly “data exchange,” refers to the safe, fast, and efficient upload of data files that are:

  • Highly variable in structure and quality and frequently vary from file to file

  • Often external to professionally managed IT systems

  • Saved in a wide variety of formats, including CSV, XLS, PDF, etc.

  • Provided by multiple sources, like end users, partners, customers and suppliers

The best of both worlds

Adding a data exchange solution, like Flatfile, to your ETL processes will ensure that the right data reaches the right places in the right format, helping you to stay competitive and make informed, data-driven decisions.


Data exchange solutions are designed for human interaction and adding this capability can improve efficiency and data quality and reduce error rates.

Any source, any format

Receive data from any type of source without the need for fixed integration points and long, drawn-out implementation projects.

Intelligent data cleaning and validation

Data exchange tools can handle large volumes of data that might otherwise require a lot of time and manual effort to clean, validate and process.

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