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Product Strategist.

Data onboarding is a problem nearly every organization experiences. From grocery stores to insurance titans, up-and-coming SaaS startups to large hospital systems: when they find Flatfile, they fall in love with our vision. Our mission, though, is to enable seamless data transactions between every organization in the world. That's where our Product Strategists come in: you'll guide our company's roadmap, and enable that mission, by identifying the most important problems to solve along the way.

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Product Strategist.

Build a durable roadmap for solving the most valuable data onboarding problems.
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Because of our ownership-driven culture, you can count on me to push you outside of your comfort zone. My product philosophy is that of radical engagement: with the market, our problems, and our customers. That means doing things like meeting with more customers than our CEO, learning how to pull insights from our database, and adjusting our prioritization heuristics while still pushing new initiatives forward. I will encourage you to try new approaches and break some of the rules - you're joining this business not just to operate in it, but to build it with us. I hope you're as excited about that challenge as I am.

Eric Crane

Co-founder and COO

Who you'll be working with

Product Strategist


23Why do I love working at Flatfile? It’s our human first approach to our coworkers and customers. The cross team collaboration to solving highly technical problems for our customers. The teams first principle mentality to solving problems. And finally the passion everyone has for improving the data onboarding experience is unreal!

How you'll directly impact our customers

How our customers will directly benefit from your work

Our customers can only dream of a world where they never have to map spreadsheet template values ever again. You get to make that dream a reality. Millions of humans spend countless hours manipulating data sets just to make them usable in a new context. We get to unleash all of that potential by freeing them from the mundane by teaching machines how to do that for them.

Times you'll directly interact with our customers

Meeting with customers on a regular basis isn't just important for this role, it's required. You'll be collaborating with design partners during rapid product development cycles, shadowing (or leading!) sales calls with prospects, and presenting from both a stage and a desk.

If you are building B2B #SaaS, here's my list of shortcuts for you. Am I missing anything? ... @flatfilers ...

Skills you'll need as a Product Strategist

Product Strategists live in a world of decisions - and decisions are emotionally taxing when made consistently from intuition. Therefore, they must devise effective systems to outsource many of their decisions using data, and focus their intuition on decisions that are as of yet unmeasurable. Key to this is communication, specifically why they made a decision. The best Product Strategists can tell compelling stories, which not only educates but also motivates their team and their market on the value of the roadmap. But those stories are not fictional, they are rooted in rigorous analysis, research, and results interpretation.

Required Skills

  • Decision making

    You'll regularly prioritize what we do and why we do it. To do that effectively, you'll need to build heuristics and expertise that you can convey into both strategic and tactical guidance.

  • Communication

    Good specs inform our team of what they should do. Great specs help them understand why. You'll need to take it just a step further, and constantly tell the story of why this will change the world.

  • Research

    The best product leaders are often the best at asking questions. Whether they're of our customers or of our data, you'll need to synthesize what you learn, interpret it in the context of our objectives, and use it to drive our mission forward.

  • Required Experience

  • You have previous experience in Product Management, Product Marketing, or Product Operations

  • You have built roadmaps for B2B products in a high-growth startup environment

  • You have entrepreneurial spirit combined with a track record for of positive results in ever-changing environments

  • You can clearly define business problems using both qualitative and quantitative research

  • You can build scalable frameworks to inform the broader team about the problems we solve and why we solve them

  • You can translate your vision into internal- and external-facing stories that relay the value of Flatfile’s solutions

  • You prefer working in a collaborative, cross-team capacity. This role requires you to work across functions and departments to bring the product to life.

  • Product Strategist.