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Onboarding & Implementation Manager

As an Onboarding & Implementation Manager, you'll work with stakeholders at our customers to assist them in the realization of value. For individual customers, this means collaborating with sales on the success criteria within certain use cases. For the customer base as a whole, it means scoping out how our product can be most effectively deployed to enable meaningful change for businesses.

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Onboarding & Implementation Manager

Guide our customers toward successful business outcomes using Flatfile.
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  • Customer Success
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Technical Account Management

Onboarding & Implementation within our Success Team ensures that every customer is successful post-sale. Time-to-value has differentiated Flatfile in creating and owning the Data Onboarding category for B2B SaaS companies. None of our customers ever get left behind, and it's our commitment to get everyone to production.

This is a dynamic, cross-functional role that requires a focus on outcomes, the ability to make decisions with imperfect information, and ultimately ensure that the quality of every interaction leaves a lasting customer experience.

Nicholas Candito


Who you'll be working with

Customer Experience Strategist


23I've worked with a lot of really amazing people in my career, and it's really next-level here. Everyone is expected to (and does) have a sizable impact, not just on our own business, but on our customers.

Driving impact-focused outcomes

How our customers will directly benefit from your work

Customer Experience actively bridges gaps between our customers' business needs, and the realization of them. CX team members are not only involved in enabling individual customers, but also in conceptualizing and creating solutions for all of our customers. Whether working directly with an individual customer, or collaborating with other teams, this is a high-impact role at Flatfile.

Times you'll directly interact with our customers

Our interactions with customers are treated as learning opportunities and enable all Flatfile teams to increase their impact. You can expect to drive value-focused outcomes for individuals, customers, and all organizations (whether a Flatfile customer or not) on a daily basis.

Your support has been tremendous, really helpful—it's a really important part of our product, and we were able to leverage what Flatfile had to give [users] a good experience...the primary reason why we went with Flatfile is because this is your core competency and, you know, you've thought through a lot of these different issues.

Our CX team is integral in aligning customers with their ideal outcomes.

Skills you'll need as a Onboarding & Implementation Manager

Required Skills

  • Messaging

    You'll be exercising frequent communication as part of this role, both written and verbal. You'll take features and solutions turn them into value for Flatfile customers, driving meaningful business outcomes.

  • Relationship building

    You'll be collaborating with customers every day. You'll need to build strong relationships, and show empathy, and cooperation. Our team exists to partner with customers and solve their data onboarding challenges.

  • Research

    You'll be co-designing results with our customers. You are the face of Flatfile, and will bring your learnings back to the Flatfile team.

  • Required Experience

  • You are a concise and vivid communicator, both in individual conversation and broad-based messaging

  • You have experience in a role that requires both market and technical knowledge for success

  • You are client focused – the desire and ability to understand the drivers of client needs

  • You are detail oriented and have strong written communication and documentation skills

  • You are confident, competitive, thorough, flexible, resilient, and tenacious

  • You are excited about managing multiple simultaneous priorities in a fast-paced environment

  • You are independently accountable for commitments and delivering the best performance by intelligent prioritization

  • Onboarding & Implementation Manager