Engineering @ Flatfile

Full Stack Software Engineer

Engineering at Flatfile is responsible for building and maintaining the software of Flatfile’s internal and external facing products and services in the best interest of our customers with a dedication to offering an environment where engineers can do the best work of their careers. This team is ultimately responsible for the human creation and continued usability of Flatfile.

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Full Stack Software Engineer

Responsible for the human creation and continued usability of Flatfile.
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We don’t view engineers at Flatfile as resources or cogs, but as creative problem-solvers. We involve engineering in the process early -- hearing about the customer pain points, ideating on potential approaches we can take, prototyping ideas that seem promising, and doing the solid engineering work to make customers’ lives easier (and our future selves happier).

We partner with product and design, to smooth out the experiences and automate the approach our customers take to share data. We believe that giving engineers the right context and the best tools (including fully decked-out laptops and equipment) results in each person being able to contribute to the company’s success.

Our engineering team is collaborative, help each other out, and pair frequently to share knowledge and accelerate our learning.

I view teams as immutable data structures: you add a person and the whole team is different. Every person has their own unique ways of improving a group, and we look for the ways each person is different and can add something to the team. I look forward to meeting you and seeing how you improve us at Flatfile!

Jade Rubick


Who you'll be working with

Engineer III


23Being an engineer at Flatfile is different than any other company I’ve ever worked for. It’s an environment driven by continuous improvement both on a personal level as well as a codebase level. Pairing is highly enjoyable + encouraged. The team is motivated by hard engineering problems and designing a beautiful product & we like to dabble in internal hackathons once in a while.

5 questions with Maire Chew

I seriously mean that; obviously we integrate with lots of products, and they're all good, but your product does some really clever stuff--I did a test on one of our customer's pages, and it immediately picked up, recognized all the fields, remapped them, I'm like--'wow'.

Skills you'll need as a Full Stack Engineer

Flatfile Engineering operates like a high-performance sports team. We execute on hard problems as a team while always excelling as individual contributors. We recognize that we can perform at a level of excellence greater than the sum of our parts and draw strength from collaborating with a diverse group of thought leaders across engineering, product, and design.

As a member of the engineering team, you will own large components and systems, and captain the coordination and communication of an effort’s implementation across teams. You have a deep well of experience to draw from to solve hard problems, and just as importantly, help others on your team to do the same (and we have lots of hard, fascinating problems to solve).

Required Skills

  • Build new features and make performance improvements. Previous experience scaling a tech stack is a plus

  • Make open source contributions. (We love it if you already have been engaged in open source, but if you haven’t before, you likely will here at Flatfile)

  • Pair program with team members. We value collaboration and working together as a strong team -- you’ll be pairing multiple times a week

  • Required Experience

  • Mastery of one tech stack, awareness of others at a minimum

  • Experience with React, Node.js

  • Some experience with TypeScript. It’s okay if your current role doesn’t use TypeScript actively

  • Experience with Postgres and Mongo. Redis experience is helpful

  • Work with NestJS (experience in NestJS is a plus, but not required)

  • Full Stack Software Engineer