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Customer Enablement Manager

Customer Enablement Managers are the chief diagnosers at Flatfile. For new leads, that means determining the level of mutual fit between Flatfile’s solutions and the individual’s stated challenges. For existing customers, it means guiding each of those individuals towards the appropriate resolution of their concern.

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Customer Enablement Manager

Guide each individual’s interaction with Flatfile towards a successful outcome.
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  • Customer Service

Ultimately, success in this role means being more human, but also scaling up what you can accomplish. Expect me to push you to think about how you interact in new ways. That will open up opportunities, whether it's in designing a whole new way to reach out to people who requested a demo or learning how to turn a bad product experience into a raving Flatfile fan.

Eric Crane

Co-founder and CRO

Who you'll be working with

Head of Customer Enablement


23I love working at Flatfile because I love being able to help customers solve a very basic but often time complex problem most companies have.

How you'll impact our customers

How will your customers directly benefit from your work?

Enablement is responsible for tending to our customers’ experience and needs, the driving motivator is the customers’ satisfaction and ability to use our product at its peak performance and value. Enabling customers to not only achieve value, but to maintain trust and confidence in our product and company.

Times you’ll directly interact with our customers?

Enablement interacts with leads and prospects beginning with their first engagement with Flatfile and upon qualification connects them sales who will turn them into customers. After which, Enablement sees to it that their support needs and other inquires are handled in a timely manner for the duration of the relationship with Flatfile.

Skills you'll need as a Customer Enablement Manager

“Customer Enablement” at a company of this stage is intentionally broad. You’ll wear a suit some days and flip-flops others. You’ll be talking to CEOs and CSMs, engineers and designers, as they come to Flatfile looking for a solution to their data onboarding problems. And your primary responsibility will be guiding each individual’s interaction with Flatfile towards a successful outcome.

Required Skills

  • Discovery

    You are adept at asking questions to prospects to pull out their business needs and if Flatfile will be a fit for them.

  • Process-driven

    You have a love for efficiency and processes that streamline interactions with customers, resulting in extraordinary experiences with our brand.

  • Documentation

    You take detailed and organized notes to ensure a consistent experience for Flatfile customers across functions.

  • Required Experience

  • You are comfortable on asking detailed questions of stakeholders at all levels inside of a business, and have a proven track record of turning those conversations into successful outcomes

  • You can design and share processes with teammates to rapidly address hundreds of inquiries from both leads and users each week

  • You are client focused – the desire and ability to understand the drivers of client needs

  • You are detail oriented and have strong written communication and documentation skills

  • You are excited about managing multiple simultaneous priorities in a fast-paced environment

  • You are independently accountable for commitments and delivering the best performance by intelligent prioritization

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