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Customer Engineer

Data onboarding is a problem nearly every organization experiences. It's a big enough issue that most have slapped together some kind of solution. When they find Flatfile, they fall in love with our vision, but often need guidance in how to think about the solution in a different way. That's where our Customer Engineers come in: you'll get to dive deep into a company's data onboarding problem and emerge with a solution that can revolutionize the way they do business.

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Customer Engineer

Create technical solutions for customer and prospect problems.
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  • Technical Support Engineer
  • Implementation Manager

We have an ownership-driven culture at Flatfile. As a result, you can count on me to push you outside of your comfort zone, but also guide you through that discomfort. One day, that could mean getting on a last-minute call with a Fortune 500 business with minimal context and confidently workshopping a technical solution. Another day, it could be building a mock application from scratch to show off how Flatfile works best. Many days, it's both and much more. As we grow, you'll get to explore new opportunities - whether in supporting current customers, pairing with our sales team to prove out value to new prospects, or defining the best paths forward for a brand new client.

Eric Crane

Co-founder and CRO

Who you'll be working with

Expert Customer Engineer


23At Flatfile, I get to work closely with customers and help them solve all sorts of technology problems. I also get to use my skills and experience to help Flatfile continue on our massive growth trajectory. Those are key drivers for me and I’m excited that I get to do both here.


How you'll directly impact our customers

How our customers will directly benefit from your work

Our products can do amazing things and we get to showcase that functionality for our customers so that they can understand how it solves their business problems. Whether it’s helping to answer technical questions or building a POC, you will help the customer see the value of our product.

Times you'll directly interact with our customers

You are the primary technical resource for our customers throughout their journey. You will answer their technical questions during sales call, prove our product value through complex demonstrations, and assist with implementations and onboarding as well.

We wouldn't be getting the most out of Flatfile without (your customer engineer). This is one of the best experiences I've ever had with a software solution.

Skills you'll need as a Customer Engineer

Customer Engineers are trusted product experts—both in terms of understanding Flatfile’s full potential and where gaps lie in reaching it. Whether you’re investigating a bug or helping a customer understand the nuances of escaped/unescaped regex, Customer Engineers tackle challenging technical problems while building relationships with and supporting prospects and customers.

Required Skills

  • Coding

    You'll create technical proofs of concept for prospects to show the value of Flatfile.

  • Project Management

    You'll craft well-thought-out processes for smooth handoffs to Engineering (to prioritize and fix impactful bugs), Enablement (to identify workarounds and track progress), and Sales (to keep stakeholders informed).

  • Communication

    You'll create innovative resources to equip and educate customers and peers (documentation, training, processes, tools).

  • Required Experience

  • You have excellent communication skills, especially in writing

  • You are proficient in JavaScript, ideally with an understanding of both React and Typescript

  • Data analysis, custom-built integrations, and bug fixes bring you immense joy

  • You’re innately curious and thrive on the difficult technical problems

  • You know how to design, initiate, and drive forward technical projects

  • You understand the importance of empathy and how it relates to our customers

  • You abhor broken and inefficient processes

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