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Content Marketer

Data onboarding is a problem nearly every organization experiences. However, it's been long-viewed as something that is only solved with more people and more process. That's where you come in: content is the key to building awareness and excitement about Flatfile's solution. As a Content Marketer at Flatfile, you'll change perspectives and, ultimately, how the world works.

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Content Marketer

Tell the story of Flatfile, our market, and the problems we solve.
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  • Copywriter

We have an ownership-driven culture at Flatfile. As a result, you can count on me to push you outside of your comfort zone, but also guide you through that discomfort. Finding the best ways to reach our (huge) market is critical to the success of our business as a whole. And as you push those limits of comfort further out, you'll have the chance to be the best in the world at what you find to be most engaging, whether that's diving deep into customer experiences to emerge with compelling stories of value, coordinating aggressive media outreach, or fine-tuning all the ways customers can discover and internalize our vision of seamless data transactions for all.

Eric Crane

Co-founder and COO

How you'll directly impact customers

How our customers will directly benefit from your work

Customers look to Flatfile for educational content to help them better understand data onboarding. As a new category, Flatfile is defining data onboarding for the market, our customers included. Whether its reading about a similar use case, watching a product tutorial video, getting tips for improving the customer onboarding experience or listening to a podcast on the career trajectory of Customer Success Managers, Flatfile produces a range of thought leadership content that can benefit our customers.

Times you'll directly interact with our customers

There are many ways in which content development at Flatfile involves customers. Case studies are the most prominent and the content team is responsible for the creation and dissemination of customer case studies. Having solid social proof within our content is critical and there lots of opportunities where customer quotes, examples, use cases, etc are used to help strengthen a content piece.

I never knew what to call this problem - now I know about data onboarding and can champion you as our solution.

Skills you'll need as a Content Marketer

Content Marketers at Flatfile should be first and foremost creative storytellers, with a focus on creating engaging content that evangelizes our category. Ultimately helping drive customer growth through acquisition and retention efforts.

Required Skills

  • Creativity

    You're a creative storyteller who is always thinking of new ways to educate the market in a compelling and engaging way.

  • Writing

    You're an excellent writer and editor with serious attention to detail.

  • Project Management

    You're a team player, capable of collaborating cross-functionally and moving projects forward both internally and with vendors.

  • Required Experience

  • Exceptional project management skills with the ability to easily collaborate across teams

  • Excellent storytelling and editing/proofreading skills; you have serious attention to detail

  • Experience creating content across a variety of mediums

  • A dual-minded approach: you’re highly creative and an excellent writer but can also be process-driven, think scale, and rely on data to help make decisions.

  • Experience with SEO and web traffic metrics

  • Comfortable working in team environments and also working independently

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