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The bridge between every obscure data file and your system.

Shatter the time it takes to onboard a customer by 70% byabstracting away all the complicated back and forth that comeswith accepting messy files from customers during onboarding.

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How it works

Receive clean customer data, securely and in compliance

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    Create a workspace

    A Workspace is a collection of Sheets that describe how the data should look when it gets to you. It can be thought of like a database schema.

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    Mirror your system

    A Sheet describes the desired characteristics or "shape" of data that you expect for an individual CSV file or sheet in an excel file. Think of it as an individual database table.

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    Get clean data

    Use the Dashboard to be notified of a successful upload and review the data or request changes. 70% of data problems are automated.

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Get started

Built with developers in mind

There comes a time in every project that you're tasked with building a CSV importer. You no longer have to agonize over doing this again from scratch.

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Flatfile reformatting country code based on a Data Hook

A flexible solution

Use Workspaces as a hosted solution for collaborating on implementation projects by itself or alongside our embedded product.

Deeply configurable

From seamless branding to how you push data directly into your application database, we prioritized the needs of developers.

I was excited to leapfrog using Flatfile, rather than [having to] start from scratch on our own.

Scott Snider, Lead Engineer

Flatfile's impact

Seamless, delightful data onboarding on one centralized platform

Shorter, easier, resource-efficient implementation cycles

Happier users and improved product metrics

50%+ reduction time in data onboarding - no more sales bottlenecks




Employee satisfaction

User retention

NPS scores

Number of new users


Sales bottlenecks

Customer time to value

Implementation time

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