The world's first data onboarding suite.

Onboard clean customer data with a prebuilt, hosted data import page optimized for your product's database. Create an error-free, delightful onboarding customer experience in just a few clicks and invite your customers—no code required.

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How it works

Receive customer data in minutes, without a line of code

  1. 1

    Create a workspace

    You can use Workspaces to build templates and onboard customer data. Workspaces can be used internally, or shared directly with your customer.

  2. 2

    Send an invite

    Invite a stakeholder to onboard their data. The same workspace can be used both internally or externally.

  3. 3

    Get clean data

    Use the Dashboard to be notified of a successful upload and review the data. 70% of data problems are automated, but when you do require a change, collaborate with your customer right where the work is happening.

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For developers

The fastest way to get clean data

Flatfile's proprietary Data Hooks® and Smart Fields® make it easy to create templates so data gets to you exactly how you need it.

Flatfile reformatting country code based on a Data Hook

A flexible solution.

Use Workspaces as your all-in-one data onboarding suite, or use it alongside our embedded product.

Deeply configuable.

Pull data from Flatfile directly into your application database via API or by setting up a webhook listener.

We’re onboarding 90% more customers now. Before Flatfile, data conversion was our biggest obstacle.

Jonathan Marbutt, Vice President

Flatfile's impact

Seamless, delightful data onboarding on one centralized platform

Shorter, easier, resource-efficient implementation cycles

Happier users and improved product metrics

50%+ reduction time in data onboarding - no more sales bottlenecks




Employee satisfaction

User retention

NPS scores

Number of new users


Sales bottlenecks

Customer time to value

Implementation time

Implementation costs

Help-desk costs