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To get started, unlock the demo. From there, you'll enter a fictitious platform (Coconut CRM) that is using Flatfile to import contacts in bulk.

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I was excited to leapfrog using Flatfile, rather than [having to] start from scratch on our own.

Scott Snider, Lead Front-end Engineer

DIY data importers

It's time to replace your homegrown data importer.

The best companies run on Flatfile and replace homegrown solutions.

Business case for Flatfile:
  • Increased security & compliance
  • Reduction in engineering costs
  • Increased revenue & adoption
  • Reduction in implementation services per customer

Signs you need a data onboarding solution

  • Your best developers spend their time maintaining a data importer instead of building core business applications.
  • You are being asked for industry security and compliance that you haven't considered/addressed.
  • You have a sales backlog of new customers waiting to be onboarded into your system.