Deploy to Flatfile

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For a production deployment, listeners can be hosted either in your cloud or directly on the Flatfile platform. Learn more about deploying.

Deploying the listener example to Flatfile

Using the flatfile command line tool, we will now deploy your listener code into the Flatfile platform.

  1. Clone the Getting Started repo
git clone https://github.com/FlatFilers/getting-started.git
  1. Run the deploy command from the root directory
If you are working on Flatfile integration in a brand-new IDE instance, ensure you execute npm install before you run the command below.
npx flatfile@latest deploy

Recap & what’s next

You can now create a Workbook, add data and workflow logic, and deploy it to the Flatfile platform!

Where you go next depends on the what you’re trying to accomplish. A few possibilities include the following:

Follow a core path