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Version: v3


This guide will guide you on getting started on Replicated.


To get started on Replicated, your team can schedule time with Flatfile to speak with the Infrastructure team. We will create a customer portal specific to your company and provide the credentials and link.

After recieving your license from the customer portal, we can get started on installing the application via KOTS (Kubernetes Off the Shelf).


Begin by installing KOTS locally.

# Install the latest version of KOTS:
curl | bash

Connect to an existing cluster using kubectl and install the application:

kubectl config use-context [cluster-context]

# Ensure that you have obtained your license file
# The Flatfile team will have forwarded your portal URL and password

# Install the Flatfile application:
kubectl kots install flatfile-kots

# follow the prompts -> you will be asked to provide a namespace and a password to the KOTS admin panel
# When the admin panel is ready you will be asked to upload the license file
# Continue updating the configs with install specific items (e.g. RDS credentials)
# In particular, if you bootstrapped the cluster using our On-Prem TF ensure that:
# 1. RDS IAM is used for Postgres auth
# 2. Use ALB for ingress, providing a VPC ID, certificate ARN, etc
# Verify the deployment in kubectl:
kubectl get all -n flatfile-kots # of whatever namespace has been configured

# returning to the KOTS admin dashboard
kubectl kots admin-console --namespace flatfile-kots

This will install the admin dashboard which you will be able to access locally. Open the dashboard in a browser and upload the license file downloa as well as the load balancing and ingress details.